Saturday, 6 December 2014

Meat For Three And Other Things

No, that is not a spelling error nor a grammatical error, just an introduction to the explanation as to why I have banned Mark from braaiing, aka a barbecue, aka burning meat to a cinder on open flames. Mark used to be the braai master of note and he would even make a killer roast or two or three in the braai, but he went too far with his braai skills and would braai in the snow, hail; rainstorm, freezing cold Winter's day. Enough was enough, but that is not even the reason why I said NO MORE BRAAIING!!!

We had a long break from Mark and his braai skills until this past Sunday. Chad was out riding, I was bathing the dogs, which is a very strenuous long drawn out process and Mark was no doubt bored, so he went to his favourite shop, the Spar, to buy something for lunch. During his shopping spree, he must have reminisced about his meat for a braai buying days and decided he was going to braai some meat. The meat above is the amount of meat he braaied for the three of us to eat - AND THAT is my issue with Mark and his Sunday braai. That is the average amount of meat he buys for 3 of us and you don't want to know how much he braais if we even have only one other person over. We eat meat for days - we don't really because by Monday I don't want to see meat ever again. So that is my story about why I have banned Mark from braaiing - you might find it strange, but I can't deal with the amount of meat he thinks he needs to put on the braai. It is ALWAYS this much or more.

In other fantastic stress relieving news Chad passed Grade 11, so now holidays can really start. He cycled to school at 8.30 this morning to collect his report. I am not sure if his insistence on fetching his report was due to his new cardio exercise regime or if he was also worried that he had failed and thought he would go on his own to get his report. I did give strict instructions NOT to open his report until he was at home - yea right he listened to me. The school used to only give reports to the parents, I don't know when that ruling fell away. He is proud of the fact that he has 51% 55%General Knowledge, because his average was 51% sorry was 55% and he did not study. There is no arguing with Chad, which is why I wish he would study hard and become a lawyer, he argues a point even if it means arguing against his own argument. I always tell him he will make an excellent criminal lawyer.

If you are like me and you are not enjoying the snowflakes on the wordpress blogs, go here to find out how to get rid of them. Its not that I don't like them, because it is the middle of Summer in South Africa and as hot as hell or because I hate the cold. I don't like them, because I see stars in front of me at the best of times, when I have a bad headache so seeing stars (flakes of snow) whilst reading induces a headache of note. Unfortunately, I don't have a wordpress account so can't turn them off my screen, but in case you did not know, you can actually turn them off if you don't want them on your wordpress blog. As far as I know this only affects free wordpress blogs. I am even thinking of registering a wordpress account just to turn the snow off. You can turn it off your screen when reading blogs that have it on, as well as turn it off your own blog (if you have a wordpress account/blog). It is pretty and I am not being negative, it just gives me a blinding headache.

So whether you love the snowflakes or understandably hate them, I hope you are having a great Friday as we count down to the fast approaching year end. Have you fetched reports yet, was it a stressful wait or a breeze.

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