Tuesday, 16 December 2014

November Rubybox

Today I received my December Rubybox and I have still not posted about the November Rubybox, that is just how crazy the last month has been. Admittedly my November box did arrive late. I placed an order to be delivered with my Rubybox and I only received the order and not my subscription box. I was really impressed with the way they handled the error. I called the call centre, spoke to a very friendly and professional young man, explained what happened and he arranged for my subscription box to be sent and followed up with an email to confirm that my subscription box would be sent. No quibbling or long stories. I was very impressed.

This month, I received a really amazing concealer brush, it is soft and almost rubbery, but is feather light on my skin, which is very important around the eye area. The Touch Up Time Concealer Brush is R119.95 in the Rubybox online shop. I highly recommend this brush.

The next product was the Fresh In A Flash Brush Cleaner. After using the brush, spray cleaner onto brush(s) and wipe with a tissue and allow to air dry. Works really well, however, brushes must still be washed weekly with shampoo, but you are using a clean fresh brush each day when applying makeup. The Fresh In A Flash Brush Cleaner is R69.95 in the Rubybox online shop. I will buy this again.

Next is a luxury soap - Patchouli Mint And Sage. I am very particular about bath soap and only use Dettol Sensitive and before that Sunlight Baby Soap and sometimes Breeze, because Mark likes Breeze and it is in the shower so I use it. I have not used this soap and have had it in my Makeup drawer and it smells amazing. I love anything with the word Aromatherapy in it, so I might still use it. It comes in a lovely box and could be added to a gift. The AAA Patchouli Mint And Sage Soap is R54.95 for a 200g bar of soap. At that price, it is a real luxury soap and it is not something I would buy or pay for a soap.

The fourth item was some hair bands, they were kind of a gimmick, lets throw this in the box kind of item. I can't find them in the online shop. They look like bits of material, but they are not bad as hair bands, they are stretchy elasticated. I am always looking for hair bands when I tie up my hair to bath, so they serve their purpose, but I wouldn't buy them again. The box was worth the subscription fee just with the concealer brush and cleaner.

Rubybox is also now offering a Beautique Box - if you have a penchant for finer things in life, the Beautique Box is for you.

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