Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Shopping By Catalogue

It feels just like yesterday when the end of the year would arrive and everyone and their uncle would pull out their catalogue and take orders for Christmas. You could buy anything from toys to makeup to sweets and biscuits to even cold meats and cheese. I don't think much actual work was done from around mid November until December shut down/slowdown time. We would all be browsing through catalogues, discussing what we should buy. It made me realise that Online Shopping is no different to the days of Catalogue Shopping. You could buy most of the stuff in the stores, but there was much excitement in looking through a catalogue, placing your order and then receiving it. It was so simple and easy.

Chad is such a current millennium kid and knew about shopping at Kalahari, long before I did.  On Friday night he came rushing to me to let me know that Kalahari was having a Black Friday Sale. We don't even celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa, but we benefit from it through commercial trends. Chad saw an advert on TV that for Black Friday all the games at Kalahari would be less 70% for the next 24 hours and he wanted FIFA14. It was only R149.00 compared to the normal R599.00. We placed the order on Friday Evening. It took awhile, because the site was down, awhile as in say, 15 minutes that we kept getting an error message that the site was temporarily down. It was no doubt overloaded with everyone buying from the Black Friday Sale. We placed the order, received our expected delivery date as 2 December (today) and yesterday (Monday) received a text that it would be delivered on Monday - no delivery fee. Chad was out and and his parcel arrived at around midday. When he arrived home he opened the package and found the catalogue of specials and then he was on a mission to get a new TV. He has had his TV since he went to Grade One, so it is pretty old.

He convinced his father to buy him a new TV from Kalahari, because he would be saving a grand. The saving was R800.00 with a free HDMI cable. We placed the order last night, he wanted the Samsung 32 " HD LED TV and it was only R2899.00. Chad gets into these money saving missions and was very disappointed to know that we had to pay R65.00 delivery fee, which honestly is nothing considering that it is a TV and it costs petrol and someone's salary to deliver these items. Then he remembered that we also received a R100.00 discount voucher code with the game that he bought so we used the code and received a further discount of R100.00, which covered the delivery fee. I have told him that it is his Christmas present and he can only open it on Christmas or he gets nothing for Christmas, so in true Chad style he has opted for the nothing for Christmas option. Chad is also very convincing, so don't count on the TV as being his only present. The expected delivery date for the TV is Friday and he is already beginning the talks on a new BlueRay machine for his room, because his DVD player that he used exactly once is outdated.

I was looking at all the toys in the catalogue, which is what transported me back in time to the days of actual catalogue shopping and not adverts. Did you ever buy toys and snacks from a Christmas Catalogue or are you planning on doing your shopping Online or are you brave enough to fight the crowds at the malls. Unfortunately Kalahari's website has been down the whole morning, so we can't browse through their site. Hopefully it will be up again tomorrow. Back up now, so off to browse and add to my wishlist for buying later.

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