Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Split Ends And Golden Streaks

When I was a kid, I used to have natural golden highlights in my hair. You couldn't see them all the time and it all depended on how my hair was combed. I have given my sudden "grey" hairs some thought and I think those grey hairs are in the same place as the golden streaks were when I was a kid - not the grey tendrils, but the long single grey hairs I keep spotting. I have just changed my parting for now, because I really do not need another chore in my life and colouring my hair will become a chore.

My hair is also so split and dry and before I received my Rubybox with the Argan Hair Treatment I bought Kair Split End Repair. It is seriously amazing stuff for knotty hair. My hair is always a big bundle of knots after washing AND conditioning it. Some shampoos make it even worse. I rub some Kair Split End Repair into my hair after towel dtying and my comb just glides through my hair. I don't always use it everyday, because it makes my hair quite limp if I use it everyday when I straighten it. For the past week, I have been putting the actual Aragan Oil in my hair and Kair Split Ends and just leaving my hair to dry into natural curls, instead of straightening it and drying it with the hairdryer. It needs a break from all that heat. I haven't noticed that the Kair has repaired the split ends, but it certainly has stopped my hair from splitting when I try and get the knots out.

I would highly recommend Kair Split End Repair if you have dry damaged hair or if you style it with heat everyday. I have a tiny drop left and need to buy some more tomorrow. Apparently Clicks have their Kair Products on special until the 9 December, so I need to go and see if the Split End Repair is also on Special. Have you used any Kair Products that you can recommend or any other good hair products. This is my personal opinion of these products and I have no affiliation with the product or store.

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