Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Tale Of The Tall Tree

Chad loves giving me a hard time about my blog and when he saw me taking photos of random trees the other day, he teased me forever saying that blogs are not meant to be about trees. Well Chad if you reading this, skip to the next boring post :).

The Trees In 2011

So I keep saying that trees can't be planted just anywhere as they grow big and become more of a hazard than anything else and here we are just as guilty, planting a Thorn Tree in a random place. Well that was Mark not me. He was given a whole lot of baby Thorn Trees and planted them randomly around the garden. They all died except this one in the picture above. I think he still believes I killed them off as we had many a fight about the trees. I didn't kill them, they just did not take. One day someone is going to be cursing us for planting a huge tree next to the driveway, like I curse whoever planted all these trees up against walls and the house. Last month we had the tree by the driveway cut down and I wrote about how what we may want may not be a good thing. I complained over here and over here about how these trees were making a mess and then someone came and hacked down the one tree and the Mulberry Tree and I wasn't sure that we had done the right thing.

The tree was an easy food source for all the birds we have and I love birds and I love having them in our garden, even the multitude of Pigeons and Doves, but they make a mess and the tree was lifting the paving and blocking the drains, the roots not the tree and so it was chopped down. It looked a mess, because there was this random tree left behind, which I expected to stay there forever as we procrastinate through life. That wasn't to be, because two weekends ago, the neighbour in the first house in our cul-de-sac, our road is more of a loop off another road, but with a different name, than an actual cul-de-sac, had tree fellers at his house and they chopped down trees all weekend and they seemed very professional. Mark asked them to ask their boss to come and see him to get a quote to chop down our other trees. He never came over the weekend and we did not expect to him again. Well turns out after house number 6 was robbed, house number 5 decided to chop down the trees around their house and their driveway, which runs between our boundary wall and house number six. It is a panhandle with the gate at the bottom end and not by the street like number two's gate. They used the same tree feller as number one, who then came to see us and on Tuesday the 2nd of December the rest of the trees were cut down. He was far more professional and cheaper. They did it quickly, neatly and efficiently.

The other guys did such a bad job that the other plants, including the beautiful Hibiscus was destroyed, so our gardener had to dig them all out and as soon we have cleared the stumps we need to plant other plants there. We have to be very careful in clearing the stumps, because our water pipes and main water switch is right there. We can't even pave the whole area, because of the tap and main water switch. These photos were taken before the gardener dug up the other plants.

Our house seems so bare now with all these trees gone, even the courtyard seems more open. You know how when you move house and have the curtains down and a half empty house, that is the kind of feeling I get when I drive up the road and see this bare house. The trees were the curtains and now they are down. It is also the first time that I have been aware of the street light outside our house. The old man next door had the municipality cut down the Oak Tree, because it was very messy and blocked the street light from lighting his entrance. It made no difference, but now it is so brightly lit up. We don't even have to put our outside lights on - our driveway and entrance is brightly lit and no one can hide in the shadows, so that is one of the good things of cutting down the trees.

That photo of Garfield on the wall with the tree behind her, taken from the back door made me realise why it is now so sunny in the courtyard. Next year we have to really start fixing up our house, that wall looks even worse further down. I just hate having people invading my space and all the noise and irritation of renovations.

On the other end of the garden we have this massive tree with branches growing into full trees themselves. I always thought we had lots of trees (I am the least observant person you will ever find) but it is only one tree growing all over the place. The main tree is right up against the wall and branches are starting to grow into the wall, which we will have to watch before they push the wall down. That part of the garden reminds me of a magical garden, nothing grows there, besides the giant tree and no one goes there, but when I wander around the garden like I did the other day, it always feels peaceful and magical - like entering another world. I will never cut that tree down.

The good thing is that the birds have not left. There are far too many trees around for them to leave for good. Their loud chirping and singing giving them away as they hide in the shadows of all the trees. I love it when I am on my own at home and there is no radio or TV blaring and all I can hear are the birds singing away to their hearts content.

And that was the tale of my tall tree that is no more......

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