Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Goodbye 2014 And Please Slow Down 2015

Wow - Can this year slow down a bit. It is already almost the middle of January and New Year was a millennium away. It seems a bit absurd to ask how your New Year was so late in January, but here is hoping it was everything you expected and more. We are not big on New Years at all. Even when I was young and out every night, New Year was probably the only night of the year I never went out. On the odd year that I did go out on New Year, lets just say staying at home would have been a better option. Mark isn't into the whole New Year thing either, so we stay at home and comfort our animals from the inconsiderate New Year Revellers who encroach on our beliefs and let off their disgusting fireworks. I honestly do not see the beauty in fireworks - not only do they terrify domestic animals, but they frighten birds and wild animals. They destroy the environment and what goes up has to come down and where does all that rubbish go and who cleans it up. That is my view and I just don't get the point in finding pleasure in letting off loud "bombs".

I have taken a very extended break from my blog; emails and even reading blogs. To be honest I have redone this post umpteen times. I start and type a bit and then just give up. Is there such a thing as being too hot to blog - well that is one of the reasons. Today it was 33 degrees celsius - if the app on my phone is accurate and I am sure it is, actually it feels way hotter.

Truth be told, I took an extended break from the online world and even read a book. A real book with real pages made of paper and ink. I have not read a real book in two years and it was good to feel the paper between my fingers, smell the ink and paper that only a book lover can smell and enjoy. Chad bought me two Danielle Steele books for my birthday last year, because the day before I had told him how I prefer proper books to my E-Reader, because real books appeal to almost all my senses. I thought I had already read both the Danielle Steele books, but I hadn't read Daddy.

Danielle Steele used to be my go to author for light reading when life was all fairy tales and rainbows with a bit of dark clouds to make it a reality. I would read emotionally heavy books, all non fiction and then I would need a lift and read a Danielle Steele book and finish it in one day. Other light reading was Nora Roberts; Barbara Taylor Bradford or Marion Keyes. I had quite a few actually and have not read a single one since Clint died. I just could not do the happily ever after in the books. I am sure I hurt Chad's feelings by not reading the books after he took something I said meant a lot to me and made sure that was part of my birthday present and then I did not bother to read them. I told him that I was glad that I hadn't read the books, because this holiday was the right time to read them and they were meant for this holiday. It was not even a lie, the time was right. It did take me forever to read the book, because this break was about being in the here and now, but I enjoyed reading it. I am still busy reading the second one, which I did read a very very long time ago, but can't remember anything in it.

I am not going to rehash December, but will post about our break down at the West Coast soon - it was too short to call a holiday, but was very relaxing. I have not made any New Year Resolutions, I never do and once I tried the seven changes/list and broke them before even starting, so I went back to No Resolutions. I did not even try and give up smoking - one of my seven changes. I gave up smoking on a random Saturday on the fourth day of May two years later - it had no significance to me or anyone else - just a day. In fact it is twenty months and 8 days smoke free today - and I am still craving like crazy - just as a side note. This will double up as my twenty month smoke free post. I am aware of the fact that I have to eat healthier and this was another wake up call I had in December that made me realize that for awhile I lost sight of the fact that Chad needs me and needs me to be as healthy as I can be, It is not a resolution it is a fact. I have to say goodbye to casseroles and oxtail potjie (stew cooked in a cast iron pot over a fire - for Non South African readers) and desserts that we had over New Year.

I started meal planning this week - a first in my entire life. I decided to after running around like a headless chicken last week, shopping for ingredients every day, sometimes twice a day to ensure that we had healthy food for breakfast lunch and supper so that we did not resort to takeaways. I can't say how long it will last, but I did hop on to Etsy on Friday and bought a meal planner kit for a ridiculous price of over R100.00 with the exchange rate. There were much cheaper ones, but so many to choose from - decisions decisions!!!! Meal planning seems to be the thing to do in 2015. I will be sure to let you know if it was a well spent R100.00. I do know that I need to stop wasting food and these sweet potatoes growing in our vegetable basket that I found in November is proof that we just waste food. No water, no soil - just forgotten veggies. It is really bad.

I need to get back to reading all my blogs I follow and will be visiting soon. I have glanced through some, but was then distracted by being engaged with my surroundings.

I hope 2015 is treating you well so far and that you have stuck to your resolutions so far.

Thank you for reading..........

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