Friday, 16 January 2015

Venturing - Off The Beaten Track In Pictures

As we ventured forth on the Botterkloof and Pakhuis pass, we tried to stop and take photos of the most breathtaking view of a steep beautiful lush ravine, but as we stopped, we saw cars coming up behind us and because the road was so narrow, we had to just carry on driving. We missed the beautiful view and all our photos were taken whilst driving.

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were back on a tar road, no man's land and the Northern Cape behind us.

We stopped at a lookout point to check if everything was still intact and to secure the bikes, one had come loose, but everything else was fine................

Oh My Word ........... the dust, I have never seen so much dust/dirt/sand in my life, not even when we came back from Mozambique and drove on a dirt road to get to the resort. We then drove through Clanwilliam - another beautiful town.

As we made our way through the outskirts of this exquisitely beautiful town, we all said "Can't we move here."  The Cape is so beautiful, but then again anywhere is better than Johannesburg/Gauteng. We filled up with diesel again, it was ludicrous the amount of fuel we went through and one of the trailer tyres was going flat, but the Petrol Station had no air (small town problems). Fortunately, Chad brought is Power Pack with, which has a compressor and we pumped up the tyre and were on our way again. We had been on the road for 16 hours and Paternoster was nowhere in sight and we were about to find out just how fortunate we were that Chad packed his Power Pack

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