Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Another Year Older

Yep, I am another whole year and one week older today and my birthday is but a long forgotten memory - almost forgotten without acknowledging it. When Pluto collapsed and we tried to save him, before finding out just how ill he was and even afterwards I told Mark that I did not want a birthday present. Unexpected and unbudgeted vet bills are bad enough, in January, when there has been no income for 3 weeks, even worse and when your dog cannot be saved it is even worse. I really could not expect to still get something I did not need, just because it was my birthday. Mark had also arranged for Pluto's ashes to be returned, so they can be with Clint - that was added to the vet bill. That was more than enough for a birthday present - not a nice present by all means, but a present none the less. Mark then told me that he was arranging a weekend away for my birthday, but thought it not appropriate to go away when Pluto was so ill, so he cancelled the arrangements. This was a weekend that a client sort of owed us for almost a year in lieu of payment - the accommodation only and it just never works out. He arranged that Mark do a whole lot of work to his car and we stay at his luxury self catering unit at the Kruger Park for a weekend and every date Mark has given, there was some reason on this guy's part that we could not go, so Mark thought it would be nice for my birthday and then Pluto died.

There was no drama or build up to my birthday like there normally is, or like last year. I was awake for an hour before I remembered it was my birthday. Then Mark woke up and no happy birthday, Chad woke up no happy birthday - they both forgot. Mark went to work and still nothing and I said nothing, but reminded Chad that it was my birthday and he was all "I am so sorry mom - your birthday is the hardest birthday to remember, because it is the 27th" "No Chad it is because I am the one that reminds you and your father of birthdays" sheepish grin and off to school we go. The day before I received a message from the vet to say my precious little box of memories has arrived and I could collect them. I decided to go the next morning. OK I forgot it was my birthday the next day - hopefully Mark is not reading this as he has been reading my blog lately. The reason why I decided to go on the Tuesday before work was because I needed to speak to our gardener about plants to be planted and he starts at 8, so I could go to the vet after dropping Chad off then go home and speak to the gardener. I eventually arrived at work at around 9 and still no happy birthday.

By then I was so mad, other than the fact that I was upset after having received my dog's ashes ON my birthday (another thing Mark forgot - that I was going to fetch them) . He eventually asked why I was in such a mood, so I told him it was my birthday and swore at him. He said he thought it was "tomorrow" - that was even worse - what he meant was that he thought that "tomorrow" was the 27th and I said I didn't want a present. Well excuse me I did not say I did not want to be wished for my birthday and comforted after fetching my poor little dog's ashes.

Mark then disappeared and I just steamed and fumed and then he came back with a present - the cute little Teddy Bear (the photo above)  which I am assuming is the result of a conversation I had with Chad a few nights before, telling him not to be like his dad (in front of Mark) who is so unromantic, who never bought me fluffy toys and jewelry (the jewelry part was a joke) ever. because he also bought me this lovely diamond pendant below - guilty much. He really shouldn't have because I am not a jewelry person and I didn't want a present - just an acknowledgment that it was my birthday.

We did not have cake or go out for dinner, because I was not ruining our healthy eating routine just for a random birthday making me another year older.

..... AND ......... That was my 2015 birthday - done and dusted

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  1. Happy Birthday !! Even though it's not been the best day by the sounds of it. I wanted to wish you and say that I hope the year ahead is good to you, and that you find happiness, light and love in each day no matter how small :) xx

  2. Thank you so much Nicky - your wishes mean a lot

  3. Belated happy birthday. Beautiful pendant and Teddy. May this year hold all that is good for you!

  4. Ah so sorry that you had a grotty birthday. I hope that the rest of the year will compensate! Anyway it was nice of Mark to try to fix his boo boo


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