Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Conversations Around The Tea Trolley

My year started off terribly and my decision to live in the now extended itself by default. I have been feeling quite overwhelmed by life - both online and offline and have avoided blogging and Instagram and only used Twitter to vent my anger about traffic; load shedding/power cuts and the incessant reminder text messages from the SA Post Office to pay our annual Post Box rental, which was due last Friday and I haven't paid it. That means it will be locked until it is paid and really does it make a difference considering that there was an almost 6 month long postal strike, and no mail last year and the year before and the year before - so really what difference does it make. I have had my own bad news, bad luck and negativity so I did not even follow the news on Twitter and have been quite out of the loop with worldly matters other than the above irritants.

What I have been inundated with is junk mail in both my personal email address and especially my blog email address and I have had to rethink this whole online thing. Since the inception of blogging and Social Media, everyone has become an expert in all things trivial and not so trivial and everyone else has become a dummy that has to be educated on all these matters. I have throughout the past year subscribed to many blogs that I thought I would enjoy reading, but in fact don't relate to at all.  For some odd reason all this junk mail from experts in nothing and blogs I don't relate to have taken over my inbox and my online life and along with all the other junk mail and special offers, I am drowning in junk. This has resulted in me missing out on all the blogs I enjoy. I know some people get very upset when they are unfollowed on Social Media and take it personally and get quite nasty with their comments and posts regarding a simple unfollow and that is probably why I have not unfollowed them as yet. However, I figured that although they know that I signed up to receive their posts from their blog stats, all I am is a blog stat and I don't have time for that when I am missing out on lots of other stuff far more important. Some of the blogs are brilliant and I thought I would/could relate to them, but I don't and can't so I need to move on. I don't need to learn how to pack a nappy bag, I am finished just about finished with the school thing; I am not into crafts or pamper parties - my head is over absorbed. Strangely, I have been "finding the time" to read those posts and not the ones that I relate to - maybe they just land in my inbox at the right time when I have a moment, whilst the others come in when I am busy and harassed. Anyway, I have been giving this whole blogging thing a lot of thought and I need to un-clutter my life.

 Blogging reminds me of the days when I worked full time and we were a group of ladies, some who were mothers and some were not, some were older and some were younger, we were a mix of personalities and characters, but we all shared our lives around the tea trolley or water cooler or as we peered over a credenza or past an office. We shared parenting tips; peeked into each others lunch boxes; oohed and aahed over photos of our children; weekends away or holidays. We discussed "what's for dinner" "what was for dinner" whilst some of us licked our lips and envied those who cooked and baked on a level that could make the best chef envious. We ranted or raved about the latest movie/book/appliance/restaurant. We left our baggage at home, came to work and sometimes bared our soul around the tea trolley or water cooler, but mainly just chatted and shared - much like we do on our blogs. Then there were those that we chatted to in passing - not everyday just sometimes and then there were those that we had nothing in common with and barely greeted or did not greet or acknowledge at all, depending on whether the connection overlapped with anyone around the tea trolley. I no longer do the Corporate Gig so have no idea if that is still a thing, but I can imagine most people stick to their workstations to get as much online stuff done during working hours as possible and rely on their blogs for Tea Time chats and shares.

Well I have been so caught up with life and stuff that I have been totally out of touch with my "Tea Trolley" blogs and only periodically read some of my "corridor" blogs and just eavesdrop on the outskirts of the "unrelatable" blogs - but the "unrelatables" have become all too consuming and draining of my time and energy and I need to unsubscribe from them once and for all  - it's not you, it's me. I need to get in touch with my online reality. It is so bad that I just realised the other day that I have not heard from Carol from Life On A Wine Farm in ages. I don't know if I missed an IM or a Tweet, I know she has not blogged forever, but I have just been so caught up in my break from blogging, the death of my loyal companion and just life itself and my Inbox that I have not made an effort to try and find out if she is OK. My other Tea Trolley blog, Sula from Skimming Stones is going through her own personal stuff and although I have been reading her posts as often as possible, I missed a Facebook message that was very important to her and I should not have taken days to respond to something very important in her life. Incidentally Sula is the only one, of my "Tea Trolley" blogs, who has children, both little and big, but everything about her blog is so relatable. My other "Tea Trolley"  blog is The Annoyed Thyroid and I am slowly catching up on Sammy's posts, which for some reason I think I have missed the most posts and not because I have been avoiding all her scrumptious food posts. I have also missed out on so many posts from Nicky from Minneolas And Margaritas or part read them and I have missed so many from An Unkempt Mind and my only excuse would be that I never go on my blog so don't check my blog reading list for updated blogs. Sorry ladies I do intend to remedy this soon.

I need to crawl out from under the covers, where I have been hiding for sometime and get back to my Tea Trolley Chats and my Corridor Conversations. I miss all of our perfect imperfections, I have missed reading about your lives and families  I abandoned my Photo A Day on Instagram when Puto died and that was just when I got back into it, after my Instagram app stopped working in December. I really miss FMS Photo A Day, but I am not sure that I will try and catch up - just start afresh. I miss Fat Mum Slim's Blog as well. It is hard to believe that Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim is a huge celebrity blogger with thousands and thousands of followers and fans. She is so willing to share her knowledge about blogging and photography and always has so many tips to share with everyone - she is so "lady next door" and totally unpretentious. I have missed so many posts and so many photography tips.

I started sharing a daily quote on Twitter with the hashtag #LifeLesson and need to start that again. I have borrowed the idea from Unkept Mind to do a Monday Motivational Quote on my blog and started this morning. As you may or may not know I am consistently inconsistent so who know how long that will last, but I do need loads of motivation in life.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to giving all your blogs my undivided attention very soon - both my Tea Trolley Blogs and My Corridor Chats.

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  1. Hi Dianne!

    Life does seem to whoosh by at an alarming rate the older you get doesn't it? I also have periods where I don't get to read all the posts that interest me and often feel overwhelmed by my social media feeds. I generally mark my blog feed as read (I use Bloglovin to keep track of my beloved blogs) when it gets too much and then go back and check what I've missed from my favourite blogs if and when I have a sec.

    I do try and acknowledge comments and reply (because I enjoy it as well as consider it poor manners not to thank someone for stopping by) but sometimes small things fall through the cracks - we are but human after all.

    I was so saddened to hear of Pluto's passing - and as Murphy would have it, I tried to leave you a comment to let you know that I was thinking of you, but the comment wouldn't load at the time. And then life happened again and this is the next post I've managed to catch up on of yours.

    Anyway, my essay I've written is to say that you should take it all in stride. Read what you can, if and when you want to or have the time too. Drop your online friends a line when you can manage it, don't feel bad if it's taken you a while to get there :)

    Take care x

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Nicky and thanks for the advice, tips and heads up. Shame don't worry about not commenting on my post about Pluto. It was really heartbreaking and I knew it was inevitable, but inevitable always sucks when it happens.
      Sorry about the comment form not working. One thing I dislike about blogger is the comment form and the spam comments. Some days I had over 100 comments - all spam, to moderate, so had to put the captcha code back on.
      Thanks again for the visit and take care

  2. Hi Dianne

    I certainly hear what you are saying about the clutter as I have been feeling the same way. I always feel obliged to follow back and then miss out on the people who have come to mean a lot to me over social media. I am beginning to rethink that now and now only follow back people that I can relate to.

    I am also trying to spend less time on Social media and live my life.

    You are welcome to use the Monday Motivational. When I started it, I did not realise that there was something like that and a few months realised that there was so I really don't want to think of it as mine.

    I have been thinking about you a lot, especially after reading about your Pluto. You are in my thoughts.

    Take care

    P.s don't worry about my posts that you missed- there really was nothing going on.

  3. I do think that as much as we should embrace technology and Social Media, we have to have a balance so as not to ignore or miss out on those more important people and things in life.
    Thanks again for your kind words
    Take care


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