Tuesday, 10 February 2015

December Ruby Box

I tried to do this post last night, but we had no Internet whatsoever. I am not even going to go into how MTN is worse than Eskom when it comes to service and getting what you pay for - I know its hard to believe that you get worse than Eskom, but yes MTN is right up there with them. If you not from South Africa, you can read all about who/what Eskom is in this post.

 Well back to my Makeup Monday Post posted on a Tuesday, because well it must be still Monday somewhere in the world and my February Ruby Box is already on its way and I have not done my December Review yet. These Ruby Box Reviews are my personal opinion of the Ruby Box Subscription and also totally my own decision to review the boxes on my blog. You can read my other reviews over here.

I won't lie I was disappointed in the December Ruby Box, especially since they advertised that it was a bumper box in December, so I was looking forward to getting it. I am sure other subscribers found it to be a real bumper box of great value, I just did not like the products - they were not for me. That is what Ruby Box is all about - trying stuff you would not normally buy or trying stuff out that you want to buy in future.

The Ruby Box Beauty Nailed It Lacquer, however made up for the disappointment with the other products. I absolutely adore the colour. It is Pink and unfortunately, they don't have the name of the colour on the bottle. A bit of a fail on their part, because there are a few pinks and it is hard to match a colour to something on a screen, but I think it is In Sync In Pink. I am not a "Pink" person and never have been, but I love this Pink - it is like a "watermelon" pink and oozes Summer carefree holidays. Maybe I am becoming a Pink Person in my old age, because I also love this Pink from Essence.

What I am not is a Red Lipstick person - red nails I love - red lips not at all. So I was very disappointed with the Smooch Stick - Red My Mind. It is definitely for a young person and for someone who rocks red lips - that is not me. The Smooch Stick costs R129.95 if you buy it from Ruby Box and the Nail Lacquer is R74.95, so from a cost perspective the December box was a bumper value box. The Nail Lacquer is a bit pricey, considering that you can get Tip Top Nail Chic for about R40.00, but I will buy it again, because I really do love it.

The Natural Lab Face Cream is a tinted face cream with an SPF 30, but it has an awful smell and I just cannot use it. It also does not feel like a nourishing day cream. A 50ml tube costs R199.50.

The final item was a sample of Emanuel Ungaro L'amour Fou EDT. It is quite a nice floral fruity scent. It is not overpowering, but does linger for most of the day. At R845.00 for the bottle, it is quite pricey, but in line with most good perfumes.

To read more Makeup Monday posts click here and for more Ruby Box Reviews click here. Have you used any of the products in this post and what do you think of them - let me know in the comments section below.

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