Tuesday, 24 February 2015

January Rubybox

After my December Rubybox disappointment, I was thinking of stopping my Rubybox subscription and did not even take much notice of my January box when I received it. I opened it, glanced at it, packed it in my cupboard and there it stayed - I was not even intrigued in the least bit.

I unpacked my January box last week on Saturday with my February Box and I was not overly impressed, but my interest did peek a bit when I saw the Mavala Nail Product. I bought Mavala White in November last year and it is quite a nice nail product. This product was called Mavadry - a quick dry product, but I have used Quick Dry products before and they have all been gimmicks.

I did my nails on Sunday afternoon (last week - 15th). I let each coat dry for 10 minutes. I am a messy painter and my layers are always thick and take forever to dry and they never dry properly. They always look smudgy and messy and I do another coat the next day to fix the chips and smudges. I finished off with one coat of Mavadry and waited 10 minutes and my nails were not even slightly sticky - they were dry and bright. The colour so vibrant.

Six days later (this past Saturday) I had no chips. I always touch up my nails during the week and by Friday, they usually look like a 3 year old got hold of a felt tip pen on my nails. Below is the photo of my nails on day 6 with Mavadry and not a single touch up. All I can say is - Where has this magic stuff been all my life??? It costs R74.95 for the 5ml bottle, but I would pay double - that is how fantastic I think it is and it deserves a 20/10.

I completely overlooked the other products in the box, so can't give much of an opinion on them, except to say that:

  • The emery boards are mini ones, but are not bad for emery boards - you can buy them for R24.95
  • The candle is a massage candle, I haven't used it, but I wouldn't spend R95.95 on a candle - massage or otherwise, but that is my personal opinion and not a reflection of the candle. Maybe after trying it I will change my mind.
  • The Attimo Salvatore Ferragamo Perfume is quite overpowering and I don't think I will buy it for R849.95. Perfume is personal and this is not really me.

Was the January box worth it - without a doubt yes. I found a brilliant product, the Mavadry that I would not have otherwise bought, based purely on past disappointments with similar products.

All opinions in this post are my honest opinion of the product and all products have been paid for and I have not received compensation to write this post.

To read more Rubybox reviews Click Here and to read more Makeup Monday posts Click Here. Have you tried any of the products or similar products, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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