Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment

Last Tuesday, after posting about my December Rubybox, I arrived home from work to find my February Rubybox had already arrived. Yes, Yes, I have barely peeped at my January box and my February one had arrived. I opened all of them on Saturday. I had ordered Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment as the bottle I bought in November finished in January, so I had two parcels to open.

I highly recommend the Marc Anthony Argan Oil Treatment. I have used other Argan Oils and as good as what they are, the Marc Anthony one is way better. It seems pricey at R144.95 for 50mls, but it lasted just a few days short of three months and I did not use it sparingly at all. The only time that I did not use it was when we went away for a week in December. I used a different Argan Oil that week - review to be posted some time soon.

The only negative is the dropper - the reason why I left it at home when we went away. It is not a dropper as such, but a kind of tube and the product does not get sucked into the dropper, so I just pour a bit into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and run my hands through my hair. [Update - Friday morning 20 May 2015 - Call me crazy or insane or even an idiot will be acceptable. I opened my new bottle of Argan Oil this morning and as I was about to pour it into my hands like I did with the previous bottle for almost 3 months, I noticed that the lid that I had removed to use the "dropper" was actually a lid over another lid. The bottle has a Pump Action lid - no wonder the "dropper" did not work. Either the lid from my previous bottle was faulty and did not have the Pump Action top  or I am 90% short of having full blown dementia. So ignore the drivel about the lid, the pump action works perfectly and I used three tiny squirts on my hair this morning.]*** It is quite a thick oil, but does not make your hair feel or look oily at all. I put it in my hair wet or dry and I let my hair dry naturally into curls or dry it with a hair dryer and flat iron it straight. Sometimes I put some in my hair at night and sleep with it in just to give my hair and extra nourishing treatment. It makes my hair really soft and manageable. It withstands the high humidity we have been experiencing in Joburg this summer. Even when I leave my hair to dry naturally, you can tell when I have used the Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil or not. When I use it, I have soft manageable curls, opposed to wavy messy hair.

This post was not sponsored in anyway, this is my personal and honest opinion of the product and I paid full price for it and ordered it, because I honestly love it. This post was done for my Monday Makeup series and you can read more Makeup Monday posts over here.

Have you tried it - let me know in the comment section below if you have and what you think of it or let me know of any other great hair products you use to make your hair more manageable.

*** In light of my update re the bottle, I give this product a 10/10.

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