Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Strange But True Coincidences

For as long as I can remember I have been buying the Animal Anti-Cruelty League Personal Home Organiser. There were a few years when I missed out, the days before Google and I had lost their number or my number had changed or I missed the call - the days before Voicemail and answering machines was a luxury I did not own at the time. You get the point - I have been buying it forever. The format has changed since those very first days, yet still remained the same.

Some years I would also buy the Desk Calendar and the only reason why I bought the Desk Calendar was for the beautiful pictures on the back of each month. I never framed them or did much with them - they were just there. Same as with the Personal Home Organiser. I don't use it anymore and just ordered it, because it was for a good cause. The last couple of years I gave mine to Sheila, because I saw she was using one of my old ones to write stuff in it. I don't know what she writes in it, but when I asked her if she wanted the new one the first year I gave it to her, she did not even hesitate with her yes.

It is a lovely Organiser and has so much information in it - from Healthy Eating Habits to caring for your pet to toxic products - measurement conversions - it is so much more than a diary, but last year when they phoned to ask if I would take one again this year, I had to decline. I never even use the calendar on my phone or laptop to note my appointments. I don't have that many appointments - I don't have any at all really. Chad is in high school and I don't have a long string of school activities to stay on top of, besides we are inundated with email and text reminders from the school and I forget them anyway. Like the email I received yesterday  (and text message) about getting an important Matric document from Chad to complete and return today, I remembered in the middle of the night when I was woken by the bad windstorm and then promptly forgot about until Chad went flying out the door with Mark this morning, because he wanted to get to school early. So it is now lying in my laptop bag to hopefully complete and hand in this afternoon when I fetch him.

So I declined the Home Organiser in around September/October last year and forgot all about it. I did feel a bit bad, but I had added the Animal Anti-Cruelty League as one of my beneficiaries on my school card, along with our local SPCA and the Highveld Horse Care Unit, so they do get more from me now than previously with just the proceeds from the diary.

On the day that I went to collect Pluto's ashes, my birthday as I drove away from the Vet, thinking about how the Tuesday before I drove away from the Vet upset but believing my dog would be OK and there I was driving with his ashes on my seat a week later. What popped in my head among those thoughts was that Pluto probably got sick, because it was Karma because I did not support the Animal Anti-Cruelty league by buying the Home Organiser. Mark told me I was being silly, but you know how guilt and what ifs just take over all rational thought. Well I know, because all what ifs and if only's also clouded all rational thought when Clint died as well. Totally irrational things, but made sense to me.

Of all the weirdest coincidences, the "you won't believe this" happenings, the following night, after my birthday and collecting the ashes and the crazy thoughts of bad karma, our land line rang and it was a lady from the Company who coordinates the Animal Anti- Cruelty League Personal Organiser sales asking me if I would please reconsider and buy an Organiser at a reduced price. It turns out that due to the SA Postal Strike so many Organisers were returned undelivered and they were now trying to recoup the money by selling them at a reduced price.

Well I ordered one and received it yesterday - it won't bring Pluto back, it won't take away the sadness that his death brought, but I have it now and even if I don't use it, the money went to a good cause and that is what counts in the end. I can't say what it was or if it was just that a coincidence, but in all probability had I ordered it last year it would have landed up on a dump somewhere as our wonderful post office staff took out their frustrations by trampling and trashing all depots and the mail in the depots.

This year it has a beautiful picture of a dog and a cat on it, a ginger cat just like our Garfield. Each year the diary comes with a CD, this year the CD is called "On My Walk" 4 Jacks & A Jill. The Organiser even comes ready to wrap and give as a gift with wrapping paper and a gift card. Out of all diaries sold in aid of Charity, in my opinion this one is the best and comes with so much care and thought from the content in the diary and the re-gifting of the diary and I won't be declining it again.

If you would like to support the Animal Anti-Cruelty League and order a Personal Home Organiser for R189.98  Click Here or bookmark for next year.

This post is not sponsored in anyway, it is my honest and genuine opinion and recommendation of a good product and worthwhile charity to support.

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