Friday, 20 February 2015

Valentine's Day - Chivalry Is Really Not Dead...........

OK, so it probably was dead........... BUT......... it raised it's beautiful generous head this Valentine's Day and I discovered that my baby boy is no longer a baby, but quite the romantic. He organised the sweetest picnic at the Botanical Gardens for his Valentine on Saturday morning.

With only the help of mom's wallet and time driving around to buy the stuff, Chad planned the entire outing. It started off on Friday at school with the cutest fluffy toy - a big fluffy Husky Dog. He also bought a Rose for THE special lady ordered from school - the Matric Valentine's Fundraiser. [Chad and his friend did red balloons with messages (secret and not so secret messages) and they made R1000.00 for their Matric Fundraiser - just as a side note].

There was lots of food and water and eats - the picnic basket was totally my idea. I saw it at Mr Price Home and just had to have it and the reason excuse for buying something I didn't really need, was so Chad had a basket for his Picnic. The bonus was that Chad did eventually think it was a cool basket for an impressive Valentine's Day Picnic. Oh and the serviettes were bought by me when I bought the basket and are they not just too cute. I was like "It's 2015 Chad - you should both be bringing stuff"   and he was all like "No, the man should buy all the stuff - that is the right thing to do"  "OK Chad". Maybe if I was a girl's mom I would agree.

All the food came straight back home, flutterbies and hearts filled the space for food and drink. It started off a bit rocky, first with a hectic rainstorm during the early hours of the morning, which Chad thought would carry on throughout the day, but it didn't and then load shedding caused traffic backups, but that was the only negatives of the day.

The picnic was very successful and lasted the whole day and at some point they joined her brother and sister in law and the romance is totally official now.

I so know that I am going to be THAT mother in law one day, as much as I know that I must never be like that unless I want to lose my son. My boy is growing up and growing up too fast, but I have to accept that and embrace it and allow it and not harbour resentment and jealously and everything typical of monster in law behaviour. I have to genuinely love and respect whoever he chooses in life one day.

This was THE most stressful Valentine's Day of my life :) - stressing that his day would be perfect and it was, because he is more than perfect. Shame and the other night he was bitten by a spider on his arm, in the crook of his arm. He thought nothing of it, but last night it became so sore and inflamed, he was in so much pain, we kept him out of school and took him straight to the doctor this morning. He wanted to go to school after the doctor, but I suggested he rather get the medication to work and he can go tomorrow even though he is booked off until Monday. It is much better tonight and not sore, but that could be the Myprodols working, hopefully it will be better in the morning.

Did you have a fantastic Valentine's Day or are you also of the belief that it is only for Young Love and New Romance

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