Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Air Scents Moisture Absorber Interior Dehumidifier

We have two bathrooms in our house, but only one has a shower, so that is the bathroom we all use all the time. There are only three of us in the house, so it is not as if we have long queues of traffic like a metropolitan train station in and out of there, but in the mornings it is a continuous flow of hot water and steam enveloping the tiny area. Our bathroom is small and just snugly fits a bath, basin, shower and toilet in it, so there is not much place for the steam to escape, even when the window is wide open. This results in droplets of water hidden high up on the walls and ceiling, which then results in mildew in hard to reach places.

Other than my obsession with cleaning materials and the Handy Andy's, Domestos and Mr Muscle Bathroom and Shower Cleaners we use in the bathroom and shower, we had to use Mildew Cleaner as well. My kitchen cupboard is more than likely an environmental hazard with all the cleaning chemicals in it, but I like to believe and know that although our house might be untidy and paint chipped, it is clean and germ free. I did however draw the line at Mildew Cleaner when I realised just how harsh it is, not only on your hands, because gloves can solve that, but on my lungs, standing in this closed bathroom or shower cleaning mildew. I then discovered Vinegar prevents the growth of mildew and also sanitisers. Mark and Chad bitch about the smell of vinegar, but it is mildew or the vinegar smell that does not linger much longer than whilst the shower is being wiped down and then cleaned with Handy Andy or Domestos. Last year or maybe the year before I read on a blog I follow about an Indoor Dehumidifier.

Whenever I went to Hypermarket I would look for these Moisture Absorbers and never find them and mumble and groan about how Cape Town people get all these nice things (John Frieda comes to mind) and we don't up here in Joburg - what is supposed to be the hub of business. I was looking in the bathroom accessories department at Hypermarket, like the shelves and shower curtain rails and plugs and soap holders. I would even look at Builders Warehouse or Makro if we were at either one of the stores, thinking it would be in the plumbing or building departments - not a chance - nothing. I wasn't searching like my life depended on it, so once I left the store, disappointed once again, I would forget all about it. In January this year I was shopping for cleaning stuff for work. We had just moved to our new premises and I needed extra germ killing stuff for the smelly urinals and  what do I find - The long sought after dehumidifiers.

Of course Air Scents would be by the Air Fresheners and not by cabinets and soap holders. In my defence, they were right on the bottom shelf, sought of tucked away not even by the air freshners, but in the same aisle. Surely if a product is new and different, you would put it at eye level, not on some arb bottom shelf. Well I found them and I am happy with them.

The Air Scents, Moisture Absorber, absorbs excess moisture to prevent mould & mildew. Helps protect against damp and condensation and eliminates musty odours. It costs R19.95 which is nothing and lasts 60 days. This picture below shows how much moisture was absorbed in our tiny bathroom in 60 days and it is summer and the window is almost always open. It lasted 60 days almost to the day.

This post is not sponsored in anyway and is my honest and personal opinion, sharing a really nifty inexpensive product to combat mould and musty smells. My mother bought a couple, because they live on the North Coast and everything is musty and mouldy on the KZN coast, I must ask her what she thinks of them and if they worked in her cupboards.

If you have used them, please let me know how you found them.

Thanks for reading.

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