Monday, 30 March 2015

An Owl You Say .........

Last night Mark let the dogs out and he always waits outside with them instead of just letting them go do their thing. Next thing he shouts come see this massive owl. There was an owl sitting on the lamppost. Mark thinks I am crazy because I want to build an owl box for it to stay in. The light in the lamppost is faulty and it goes on and off and whilst battling to take a photo in the dark, we were making a noise, Spike was barking because he wanted to play and Mr Owl just sat there watching us. The woman whose house was broken into last year in November has ivy and overgrowth all over her walls and property and we all know mice love ivy and apparently the ivy is full of mice. I hate mice and rats. Even typing the words send shivers up my spine. The feral cats from next door are always in the ivy and now the Owl has discovered a food source. I wonder where the owl stays during the day, which is why I want to build an owl box, but then I thought about it, what happens if it swoops down to grab his prey and then drops it in our garden - no thank you.

Chad has been on holiday for a week already and just after Easter it is back to school again. What I can't believe is that I have not smoked for almost 2 years now. I missed my 22 month post this month and I am finally starting to feel the benefits of giving up smoking. I still crave like crazy some days and still smell smoke from miles away and the smell of stale cigarette smoke makes me feel sick. I have managed to lose the weight that I put on since giving up smoking, but still have a long way to go before I get to the weight I was before Clinty died. When I just started eating and eating to fill a hole that would never fill. A spiritual healer I went to said that I eat, but don't taste the food. I am not sure whether they get somethings spot on or if it is a common thing for mothers whose children have died, to try and fill that place with food and just eat and eat without being conscious of eating, but she was right I did not taste the food I was eating. Giving up smoking just made it worse as I reached out for something to put in my mouth and fill a hole that could not be filled. I now eat air popped popcorn instead of chips and sweets and biscuits. I know popcorn is high on the food intolerance list, but it is better than caving in and turning to biscuits and sweets and chips. I have decided to go on a detox again this week, because it feels like a donkey kicked me in the solar plexus and the Nexium are not even making a slight dent in the pain. It is probably a combination of far too much coffee, I have started drinking such a lot of coffee again, I even drink it at night and it does not keep me awake. So yes too much coffee, popcorn and chewing gum so I need to detox and see if that will ease the pain a bit.

Last night we watched the movie The Frozen Ground with Vanessa Hudgens; Nicolas Cage and John Cusack, based on a true story of the serial killer Robert Hansen. Initially I thought it was junk and then got so involved in it and then saw it was based on a true story. Nicolas Cage is always an excellent actor, but John Cusack was brilliant in this movie and Vanessa Hudgens, how she went from High School musical to this movie was amazing. She was excellent and played the role of the girl who helped get Robert Hansen arrested for the murder and rape of possibly more than 30 women, so convincingly.

Mark thinks it is weird that when I type I keep my pointer finger up in the air and I was not even aware that I did it until he pointed it out a few weeks ago. Now I am always conscious of it and it actually hurts when I think about it. I was just starting to stop being conscious of it when he asked me again tonight if it doesn't hurt and surely I should type with it as well. I don't use it unless I am aware of it like now then I type the wrong letters. I am not a touch typist, I am a "two" finger typer and as soon as I become aware of the fingers I type with I slow down and make mistakes - more than my usual typos - much more. I am sure I have seen lots of non touch typists holding their fingers like I do, in the photo above that I took when Mark first pointed it out, but Mark and Chad both say they have never seen anyone hold their finger up in the air like I do.

Are you a touch typist or are you a two finger typist with a strange way of holding your non typing fingers.

Hope you had a good weekend.

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