Tuesday, 10 March 2015

February Rubybox

At the outset I just have to say that I am still loving the Mavala Mavadry from January's Rubybox. The colours look so vibrant and the best part is that it is not difficult to remove the nail varnish. Not at all like gelish that needs to come off with acetone. Nail Varnish comes off easier than with normal top coat and I will be buying it all the time. I am quite undecided about the Attimo Salvatore Ferragamo Perfume from last month. I used the sample last weekend and it reminds me of Yardley White Satin, which I like, it is just very over powering.

Now for February's Rubybox. When I opened my February box I was so happy and excited - it was a real surprise. The first thing I saw as I opened the tissue paper was John Frieda Frizz Ease 6 Effects Serum. I have wanted to try John Frieda for I don't know how long and as far as I know it is only sold at Clicks Stores and none of our Clicks Stores sold it. I then saw it at the Clicks opposite Chad's Gym in January, but I didn't buy it because I was using Kair and Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment

What do I think of John Frieda after that long wait to find it. I have to dry and straighten my hair when I use it and can't leave it to dry into natural curls like I do with the Argan Oil. Initially it feels a bit greasy and heavy and less is definitely more. In fact too little is too much and I use two small pumps. That is a good thing, because it will last for a long time. Once my hair is dry and straightened, I don't have a GHD, I have a Babyliss Straightener, my hair is soft and manageable. The heat and menopause is the perfect test for Frizz Free hair products and John Frieda passes with flying colours. Just as a side note, anyone reading this and wondering if they are going through menopause - you not. You will know when you are - no wondering, but that is a post for another day, clearly marked for over 50's and women only, although men should read it so they know just how women suffer. Enough of that. John Frieda is fantastic when it comes to humidity and the over glowing caused by the heat and menopause and without it my hair would not stay straight and soft and manageable. Even when I wake up in the mornings I don't have bed hair and I suffer from serious bed hair, especially in the heat and restless nights. John Frieda will be a permanent item on my shopping list. I can't find the exact one that I have, in the Rubybox Online Store to link to, but 50mls costs R99.00. It costs the same at Clicks. 

Next is the Lobello Lip Butter is R29.95 in the Rubybox shop and Lobello is a good lip balm and I like it.
The third Product is Palmers Night Renewal Cream 75g, which is usually R77.39, but right now is R39.95. It is a very nice thick and nourishing night cream, but does not feel heavy and greasy. I don't know what it is with Rubybox products and their fragrances that I don't like, but I have the same problem with the Palmers Night Renewal although it is not too bad, it is very sweet and reminds me of the smell of cocoa and icing sugar mixed with hot water. It is not overpowering and does not linger so not an issue. Lastly is Devotion EDT Spray for R194.95 and that I won't change my mind about at all. I even asked Chad for his opinion and he said it stinks - no pleasantries when it comes to my son and his opinions. I asked him so I could get a younger person's opinion, my fragrances are Yardley White Lace, Yardley You're The Fire and Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman. Those are my perfumes and they have been around forever, so my taste could be a tad old fashioned, but that is not the reason. The Devotion EDT has a soapy old lady smell and I won't change my mind about it.

The February Rubybox was definitely value for money. All products were paid for in this post and I have not received financial compensation for this review. This is my personal and honest opinion of all the products and this post was done for my Makeup Monday series and you can read more Rubybox Reviews by clicking here.

I would love to know what you think of these products if you have use them. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or on Twitter or Facebook

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