Sunday, 29 March 2015

Stufz Burger Maker And Homemade Burgers

One day we were in Builders Warehouse of all places and Mark saw The Stufz American Style Burger Maker and lobbed it in our trolley. The fact that we were no longer buying Verimark, Glomail or as seen on TV products was totally overlooked. We have learnt the very frustrating and expensive way that they never work as seen on TV. Mark was probably very hungry, because we were still on our strict healthy eating regime at that stage, so it was just grab and throw. It landed straight in the cupboard at home, unopened and the package not even read.

We have been watching Celebrity Masterchef SA on MNet, thanks mainly to the fact that the Legend DJ Alex Jay was one of the contestants and now I am completely hooked and watch it every week. They had the roadhouse episode, which lead us down the road on a Sunday afternoon to one of the few remaining roadhouses for a burger and also a reminder that we have an unopened Stufz Burger Maker lying around somewhere. Mark said those burgers look so good and Chad said hey why don't we use the Stufz and then we drove to the roadhouse for burgers - always easier.

We are now at the stage where I am trying to remain on a gluten and sugar free diet for health reasons, Chad is pretending and Mark is far past the pretend stage and finding meals to make has become more than the usual challenge, so I thought I would make some burgers for dinner last Friday night. I had a look at the Masterchef Red Teams's Burger Recipe, but it had chilli in it and none of us are keen on chilli burgers so I made my own recipe, which looking back was almost exactly the same as the Masterchef recipe sans chilli.

I make meatballs once in a very very blue moon, like every three years and I make them out of my head mostly and I made meatballs with spaghetti for Mark and Chad the other night so I made the burger patties the same way. These were the most expensive burgers ever, because at some point between buying the Stufz burger maker and making the burgers the directions disappeared from the box (since found them) but I just did my own thing and made 5 burger patties out of 1Kg of Woolworths Mince. They were huge, but so good - totally worth the gastric pain from eating bread for the first time in months,I forgot I had bread for the first time in months when I had the roadhouse burger. This is how I made them - no measuring of spices so any reference to mls and cups would be approximate and to personal preference.

Ye I am lazy I don't mix by hand - that's what Kenwoods are for

1KG Lean Mince (ground beef)
1 Egg
1 Cup Bread Crumbs (2 Slices of bread crumbed)
1 Medium Onion
1 Tablespoon Chopped Fresh Chives
5mls Robertson Mince Spice
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
5mls Robertsons Italian Herbs
5mls Salt
5mls Crushed Garlic
500g Bits Of Bacon
Bread Rolls
Woolworths Onion Marmalade
Woolworths Burger Sauce
Lettuce Tomato and Gherkin for garnishing

Chop the onion and chives in a food processor
Crumb the bread and add to the onion and chives and add to the mince
Add the spices, salt, garlic and herbs to the mince (ground beef), add the egg and mix all together
Fry the bits of bacon
Place the meat mixture in the Stufz add the fried bacon and cheese, press shut and you have a burger patty.
Fry the patty, heat the onion marmalade, place on your burger roll and garnish and you have a delicious burger.

Easy enough so what went wrong - but they were delicious anyway.
Firstly Masterchef contestants could never have used Woolworths Burger Rolls - as much as I love Woolworths food and speciality breads, they cannot make normal white bread or bread rolls. Their bread rolls are over processed, never taste fresh and are very small.

I overfilled the Stufz Burger maker, because I lost the instructions and ended up with 5 ginormous patties. Other than the egg, gherkin, lettuce and tomato, I bought all the ingredients from Woolworths that night and it came to R380.00 and made 5 BIG burgers on tiny rolls. I bought a dozen rolls and used 5, I had leftover onion marmalade and burger sauce, but used a whole 1kg of mince, so ye, the burgers were expensive.

We only realised that night that the Stufz was a Verimark product but it was worth the R99.00 and the only Verimark item we have bought that works. You can stuff it with anything you like, I chose to just use bacon and cheese, because shopping after a long day at work does not leave much of an imagination and Chad is quite a fussy eater. He does not eat mushroom and if he sees onion he doesn't eat the food or digs it all out. The burger was so good (yes I said it again), you could not taste the bacon and cheese like a normal bacon and cheese burger, it all just complimented each other into an awesome tasting burger. Oh and that onion marmalade - so good

My patties didn't come out into perfect shapes, because I wasn't using the burger maker properly and I would fail dismally at any presentation or plating up challenge, but luckily my judges are all about the taste. I also think it would be a fun thing to make burgers with when your children are still small and are keen to help mom cook.

PS - Chad and I do not eat butter/margarine on hot dogs or burgers, Mark does. If I wanted margarine or butter I would have a buttered roll.

PSS - I was not paid to review this product and it is my personal and honest opinion and I would recommend it

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