Monday, 9 March 2015

Sunday Musings As Life Slips By

How life just flies by, is nothing but an illusion as we get older, because 24 hours is 24 hours isn't it. Well did I debunk that theory - NOT!! I am still waking up on a Monday morning and it's Sunday night already. I have achieved nothing I set out to do, my work is still in catch up mode and my other plans still an unformed thought in my mind.

Exploring Paternoster By Bike

Its hard to believe that Chad will be 18 in 2 months and four days time. On the back of how Chad has grown up, just how has technology rapidly evolved. It is here to stay and embrace it whether we like it or not, but it is still great and amazing to those of us who grew up in the days of real dialup phones and not much else. In fact when I was little, before school going age, we stayed in what was then a rural area South of Johannesburg, farming or small holding area and we had a phone that was on an exchange where you had to ask the person on the exchange to put you through to the person you were calling. Like a switchboard and the exchange Ladies listened in on all, if not most of the calls and knew everyone's business. We also had a party line and three homes shared a line, so one short ring was yours, two long rings was next home and three was the next home and you could "accidentally" pick up the phone and listen in. Now I am really giving my age, but it was the phasing out of old technology and other towns had dial up phones. To phone out you also turned a funny handle and called the exchange to connect you to the number you were phoning. Last night Chad and his young lady were talking to each other for 5 or 6 HOURS. Not on our landline; not on his mobile; not face to face or modern day chatting whilst your fingers do the moving and your mouth stays firmly shut, BUT on his IPod - yes his Ipod with his mouth moving and his ears listening - through headphones, but listening. It was either through Facebook Chat or some other App using our Internet connection and not mobile data. It is crazy and soon mobile companies won't be making the thousands of rands each month from phone calls that they do now. He probably used all our softcap, but our internet connection speed is always slow so it doesn't make a difference anyway.

We finally bought Spike a new bed, because his was in tatters. Well we bought it at the end of January and Piggy still comes to lie in it in the mornings, but she is so lost in it, because it is huge and she has no one to share it with. Pluto was the gel that kept them together or more like the buffer that kept them apart.

Despite chopping down the biggest source of food and shelter for the wild birds last year in November and December, our garden is still full of birds and these two pigeons chatting around the pool are testament to this. How clever are animals and birds, these two and the other birds who come for a drink, know that water should come out of this water feature and always peer down the bowl to see where the water is when the pump is switched off.

The Hadedas are still around and I don't mind if they are in the front of the garden or even the back, because they eat the  Parktown Prawns. As long as they stay away from our pond and leave our Koi alone.

Legend has it that Hadedas are scared of heights and that is why they are silent whilst on the ground and as they take off to fly they squawk and make such a racket. Ever known anyone to be scared of heights and stand on one leg on a very high, but very thin street light.

Don't know what a Parktown Prawn is - well count yourself lucky. Legend has it that a Chinese man brought them to South Africa and let them loose in Parktown a suburb in Johannesburg. That was the story in the early 1980's when you only found them in Parkhurst and Parktown and surrounds. Now they are everywhere in Johannesburg. They are a type of corn cricket, but are absolutely vile. If you go up to them they squirt black stuff at you and try kill them and risk being attacked. This one in the picture below that I took with my Blackberry was next to my car the other morning and does not do the sheer vileness of them justice. The Hadedas are not dong a good job of eating them, but who can blame them - eating such vile things, no wonder they go after all the Koi. Either way, Hadedas and Parktown Prawns are synonymous with Joburg City living, just like traffic, sunny skies and hijackings.

And these are just some of my Sunday thoughts as we end another Sunday to begin a new week afresh tomorrow.

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