Monday, 23 March 2015

Sunday Natters - Block Your Ears And Run

I think I jinxed our scorchingly hot weather yesterday. It rained from late yesterday afternoon, throughout most of the night and the temperatures have dropped today and it is raining again. I may just enjoy Winter this year, because menopause is real and it has hit hard. I would be shivering and have something warm on long before Mark, but I am comfortably cool in my short sleeves, whilst he has a warm jacket on.

Chad has one exam tomorrow and then he breaks for Easter Holidays and that is just awesome. I have never been one of those mothers who moan and complain about school holidays. Whether I worked full time for a real boss or stayed at home, I loved school holidays and still do. I am also not a gym bunny or coffee shop - hopping mall mummy, so little kidlets did not cramp my style. Big or small I love school holidays. I get to sleep later, even if it is 30 minutes, over a week it is a lot. Traffic quietens down a teeny bit and there is less rush and stress. It did help that I did not have whiny boys that were easily bored and I won't lie, I fell asleep through a few animated movies, but school holidays are great.

On the subject of holidays, I thought I would post about our holiday in December. After all my blog is an online journal of our everyday lives. I thought I would do them all last night. My first post took 6 hours, and the one I did this morning, Mark and Chad left for a 4 X 4 show in Pretoria as I sat down and switched on my laptop. Pretoria is far from our house, I am not sure how far, but it is far, I suppose a 30 minute drive on a Sunday. They went to the show, they went to look at cars at a VW Dealership and they came home. I had not finished the post that I had started when they left. I desperately need a new laptop. Mine is now overloaded and ancient in PC terms. I dropped it when it was two days old, I have dropped it, who knows how many times since then, it still works, but I could type five words, boil the kettle, make coffee, take 500 deep breaths and those 5 words would not be on my screen. When it downloads updates even worse. So why don't I go out and buy a new laptop. Well I have been toying with the idea of getting a Macbook - as they say once you go Mac you don't turn back, except ALL my work documents are either word or excel, my laptop is for work and home, so what do I do about my Windows based documents. I absolutely detest Windows 8. I have Windows 8 on both our Desktops at work and Windows 8 was a massive fail is all I can say. I am not buying a new laptop with Windows 8. I received a Windows Newsletter the other day about Windows 10 coming, I haven't read it yet, but what happened to Windows 9.

My other issue is Internet Connection. We have MTN and Vodacom and we had Afrihost as well, which is powered by MTN so it is MTN with a different name. When we first got MTN is was fantastic, then a few towers went down and I think they did not bother to fix them, because our Internet is slower than dial up. We received a Telkom pamphlet in our mailbox sometime last year, like around October, which was all about 100G and 40mps and blahdiblah. They advertise continuously on prime time television, their adverts have become so irritating - these little babies with adult voices. Turns out Telkom can pay someone to walk up our road, pop a pamphlet into our mailbox, but can't give us what they are offering in their pamphlets. Our telephone number is on an exchange that has not been upgraded. It is taken me since around October until February to get someone at Telkom to answer their phones, online applications and queries don't exist, don't believe everything you see on television or on a pamphlet. These days when you buy a house, OK we didn't just buy our house, but when you do, you no longer ask about schools and crime, you ask about Internet Speed in the area. Ours is 4mps, loosely translated to non existent. We finally get a downgrade to what we wanted, convert our line to ADSL, second time I have gone down this route. The last time was a fax line and Mweb. Well long story short, because Chad kept nagging about getting a better connection like everyone else has, line converted 2 March, already billed, modem delivered 19 March and line dead as of 19 March, but we have this lovely bill to pay for a service that does not work.

I think there is something in the air, because the other night I went to bed, woke up the next morning and my Samsung tablet no longer worked. I use it to read blogs and other online stuff, so much faster than turning on my laptop - see moan further up page. I think tablets are overrated and way overpriced and I would not buy another one. I then remembered that Vodacom gave me a Vodafone tablet as an apology for taking two months to sort out our One Net Express. Don't even ask about why I am always having phone issues and network issues. Compared to the Samsung it is not that great, but hey it turns on and it works. It also turns out that Sheila plugged my tablet into the charger the other day, not sure why, but it has been charging since then and this morning I noticed it was halfway charged and it turned on. there is something in the air. Our landline is working as of today, but sadly not our new Telkom adsl package. It has been so long since I was sent the password, I never saved it and have no idea what the user name is or password and my phone only keeps messages for 2 weeks unless I save them. I am the IT at home and work so it is up to me to solve all these issues single handedly.

We were going to go get our phone upgrades today, but Mark and Chad went to the 4X4 show instead. I am glad, because I am technologied out - that must be a word!!!. I am not sure if I should stick to my faithful basic Blackberry or go Samsung. If I get a Samsung, I can use it for Instagram, but is that reason enough to get a more expensive contract and phone. I hardly make calls and it is a waste.

I have changed my comment system on my blog to disqus, I could not stand all those spam messages and although they went to my spam folder on blogger, they were still downloaded to my email as per blogger's requirements and it just drove me insane. I do not have the personality to ignore it and it really stressed me out, so I changed to disqus. Someone asked the other day how you comment, because the comments don't show up. I have checked and sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Strangely enough I still have lots of hair on my head, I haven't pulled it all out in frustration. I also have two disqus accounts and disqus does not allow you to merge the two accounts. I would assume that on my blog, you have to click on the actual post and then you can see the comments and comment. Right now I am so stressed over adsl and tablets and work and grief that I can't face sorting out disqus as well. I am not even joking when I say I have felt on more than one occasion this week that I was having a stroke or heart attack. I didn't have one, so I doubt I ever will.

Last Sunday we went to the Roadhouse for something different to do. We were thinking of going out for lunch then got involved in watching the episode of Celebrity Masterchef that we had missed the week before and the challenge was at a roadhouse and we were then in the mood for milkshakes. We went to the same roadhouse last year for milkshakes, they are so good and my healthy eating plan flew out the window. Like any addiction, once you give in, you can't stop. I had a burger, although the burgers were good, burgers in general are overrated and I should not have had it, because now I keep craving bread and bread rolls. I made homemade burgers on Friday night and I had one and yesterday I had a bread roll.

We stopped off at Kennis Caravans to look at the caravans AGAIN and the motorhomes. We all want to start camping again, but are reluctant to take that step. It was so Clint's life. Chad loves camping stuff, so do I, looking at it and buying it, but not fussed about whether we camp or not. Did you know that fear of the laundry basket is real. It is passed down from father to son. Clothes if they are not spread over the bedroom floor then they are thrown on the floor in the bathroom, right next to the laundry basket. Yet when we go away, Chad always reminds me to bring a black dirt bin bag with for our dirty clothes and he diligently puts his dirty clothes in the black bag so that they don't get muddled with clean clothes. It comes from our camping days, when we had a camping laundry basket, a big canvas bin, we had a smaller one for a rubbish bin and when we packed up all our dirty clothes went into black bags and Chad still does it to this day. Unfortunately when we get home it is back to the floor and this picture below is on a slow clothes changing day. So if you think picking up toys is bad, try dirty clothes and if I left them there for him to pick up there would be no clean clothes to wear to school and sometimes it is just easy to do it myself and have a full load in the washing machine than waste water and electricity or nagging.

On the subject of Chad, the other week he swore in front of me, he dropped the F- Bomb, in conversation and when I moaned at him and told him I was actually is mother and not a friend at school, his quick reply was "Ah mom you know we have that kind of relationship where I can swear in front of you"  "No I didn't, but it would be nice if we had the kind of relationship where I was not blocked on whatsapp and I could have photos of you." Chad has an answer for everything, but his excuse is Mark (luckily not me) always swears, so that is what happens when you swear in front of your children - true. Yesterday morning we where chatting about something,probably something we were watching on TV and he was mocking my meringues I made a couple of years ago and then he said they were as bad as the ones he made in grade 10. He was busy piping them, I can't even do that and the teacher walked past and said that looks like dog sh%t and he said what your dog S#$ts white. She was momentarily stunning and then chased him out the class then he had to do the dishes as punishment. It took him two years to tell me and I had to laugh, the teacher might think twice about calling someone's hard work dog Sh%t. That kid really keeps me going even though more often than not we bang heads like crazy and two minutes later it has blown over.

This morning I was going to throw out the flowers in the house, but most of the flowers are still good for another few days. This bunch had some really lovely flowers in it, the photo I took when I first bought them did not do it justice at all. This photo was taken this morning.

I took a break to try and sort out our Telkom adsl, still not working so it is going back in the box and more phone calls and twitter fights tomorrow. Do you have problems with your Internet Service? Are you Mac or Windows?

I hope you had a great weekend and you have an even better week ahead

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