Sunday, 8 March 2015

Ten Things About Me Link Up

Today, it's actually night time, but anyhow, I am joining A Cornish Mum with her Ten Things About Me Linky. It is just some fun random things about me that isn't on my About Page and may or may not have been mentioned in the contents of my blog. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Stationery

I love stationery and the more colourful the better. I love colour ballpoint pens; highlighters; post its; paper; note books. I am not sure if it is a blogger thing or an Aquarius thing, but I have noticed that most bloggers love stationery and so do most Aquarius women. I love coloured paper and cardboard and when Chad was little he always played these twenty questions games in the car and the one would always be if you could have any business what would it be and mine would be a stationery shop. I could spend hours wandering around CNA or Waltons or the stationery- aisle of any store - WestPack Lifestyle THE BEST and look at all the stationery and buy what I don't need or want. The best part of a new year is buying all the school stationery, but high school boys don't do stationery and it is always an argument about what I buy and what my boys needed - a pen and nothing else. Clint's cupboard is full of stationery some brand new. He always said I told you I don't need all the stuff on the list and Chad is exactly the same. The weirdest thing is that I have the untidiest handwriting, I don't write if I can help it, I am not creative at all, I don't do crafts. I cannot cut a straight line and have come to the conclusion that in a previous life I was creative and talented and had a beautiful handwriting. I love looking at handwritten notes written in a beautiful handwriting. Very rare these days, because everything is printed. My maternal grandmother had a beautiful handwriting, so does my mother and I always aspired to be like my maternal grandmother, but unfortunately my handwriting fell very short.

  • A Crazy Cat

Everyone knows I have a cat, but did you know that I have a crazy packet loving cat. She snuggles up into any and every uncomfortable packet or bag she can find. I love my dogs, but I have a cat's personality. I like to be on my own and only like company on my terms. I will hideaway from the world and be as content on my own as what my cat is hidden away in her packet.

  • Washing Hands

I wash my hands minimum ten times before I get in the shower in the mornings. Fair enough I do spend an hour sorting laundry; packing the dishwasher, drinking coffee and making lunches (sometimes) before going to shower. After I have showered and before I leave the house I wash them another ten times or more during the course of the morning. Through out the day I continually wash them and after every other wash I rub waterless sanitiser on them. I am not sure if it is normal or OCD - I live in a male dominated household remember.

  • Fruit

I really don't like fruit and prefer vegetables. I am a comfort food eater and fruit doesn't have that comfort appeal to it. Vegetables have warmth and an almost "stodge" to them which is comforting. I do love bananas. They are the only fruit I eat, because I like them, the others I eat when I am on a health kick and those days weeks months are far and few between.

  • Cleaning Materials

If it says "Kills 99.9% Germs" on the bottle it goes in the trolley. Nevermind that ten to one we get the 0.1% germs. I love buying cleaning materials. These three things are only an 1/8th  or less of what I buy. It drives Mark insane, but when we go grocery shopping the trolley is full and we have only done cleaning stuff and toiletries and then its moan mumble and grouch whilst getting a second trolley for his part of the shop. I can't shop for food, unless it is coffee or cereal. No I am not skinny, I wish!!! Junk food and processed food is easy to shop for, healthy food not so much. I tried planning meals and buying in advance and it lasted all of three weeks in January. Back to "Dam what must I cook" and buying daily in a rush.

  • Prestik 

I love playing with Prestik - sticky stuff. It is my "stress ball" actually stress rectangle. I get a piece and continuously mould it into a rectangular shape. I went through so much prestik when I first gave up smoking. I did not even realise it until somehow my prestik disappeared and I got caught up at work and forgot about it. I found some the other day and it was like a toddler finding his long lost dummy/pacifier. Now I am moulding rectangular shapes again.

  • Plants

I find going to the Nursery and buying plants very calming and comforting. I love walking around the garden and forming ideas of where to plant seedlings and plants. Sadly thats were the thoughts stop and there is a blockage from where I think it to where it is executed. I am no landscaper - something else from a previous life that I lack in this life. Something else my maternal grandmother was very good at. I buy the plants and we fortunately have a gardener who can plant them and they grow otherwise they would die if I planted them.

  • Shoes

I have a love hate relationship with shoes and I am not a typical shoe shopping crazy woman. I see shoes and I love them, but don't often buy shoes or end up wearing the same shoes every day whilst having a cupboard full of shoes that hurt my feet so don't wear them. I find shoes the most uncomfortable thing to wear, but find walking barefoot even more uncomfortable and hate walking barefoot - even walking around the house I have to have shoes on. I love my slippers if that counts as shoes. Not slops real morning slippers - if only I could wear them everywhere. However saying that, I don't like flats and have to wear heels unless at home or the beach or similar places. Last year the physiotherapist told me I can't wear heels anymore as my back is buggered and I still wear them and my back is getting worse and worse. When it is really bad I wear my slops, because I don't have flat shoes - summer shoes that is, I have flat boots for Winter.

  • Nails

I cannot do my nails neatly. I mess all over my cuticles; I smudge them; I chip them; I leave streaks. I love doing my nails, but just don't have the patience to take my time and do them perfectly. I don't have a steady hand either. I have also decided that I no longer like long nails. When I was younger and not even that long ago, I would never think of putting dark or bright colours on my nails if they were short. I would in fact not even bother doing them when they were short - it was their recovering period - now over the past 6 months I have decided that short nails look so much better than long nails. Thanks to having acrylic nails done in December 2013, my nails keep peeling so I have to keep them short and I now prefer them short and not even the slightly long talons above.

  • The Sea

I absolutely love the sea. I respect the sea, but love the sea. I haven't been in more than ankle deep in many many years, but I can stare at it and watch the waves roll in and out for hours. Imagining all my stresses and troubles wash away. Unfortunately it does not work for grief and sadness, but I still just love just listening to and watching the ocean and am so envious of all of you who live close to the ocean and did not appreciate it when I did live at the coast.

And those are Ten Things About Me you may not have known. To find out more about the Ten Things Linky, Click On A Cornish Mum's Badge below.

A Cornish Mum

Thanks for reading.

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