Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Year That Wasn't..........

The other day week I typed out Chad's school timetable and when I gave it to him, I said "Gee I didn't do your timetable last year" and he was all "My mom not do anything for me?????" Chad has the art of sarcasm down pat and if it was a subject at school he would get distinctions. Unfortunately, it is not but when I added that I still had all his other timetables saved, he said "Last year - wow it didn't happen it went so fast" Coming from a teenager that meant the year did fly by. Time drags for kids, especially teenagers who cannot wait to leave home and be free to do what they like. To have freedom and money and have no chores and responsibilities. Ahem........ we know better, but lets not spoil the surprise. Anyway time usually drags for them, but last year seemed to be gone in a flash for everyone.

It seems that this year is going by just as fast considering that Chad went back to school on the 19th of January and the above conversation was during that week or the week after and it is the eve of the 2nd of March as I type this. I abandoned by holiday posts and just ended them abruptly with this post  of our adventure off road whilst travelling down to the West Coast. I have no idea why I haven't posted about the rest of our trip as we had a lovely mini-holiday in the most beautiful part of the country. I will remedy it before it is a year later like when we went away in May last year and I never posted about it. OK that trip was a disaster of emotions and everything else, so that was my excuse, but considering that the reason why I blog, is to record all our memories I am not doing a good job of it.

A big reason why I stopped blogging was because Pluto collapsed and then we had to put him down after a few days of trying to save him and I had a mental block against blogging and technology. In December my Instagram stopped working, it had to do with an update that was not compatable with my Samsung Tablet. It was my last month of doing the FMS Photo A Day Challenge, which I was really looking forward to finishing so it was very frustrating. On the Friday before Pluto collapsed, I was at work and after years of being stumped using Excel, I figured out how to do formulas. It just happened without much thought. I am totally self taught with Excel and can do the basics like graphs and straightforward "sum of", but I could never do formulas and percentages, now I can. I was having such a technology brainwave, that night I figured that there was no way that Instagram would lose so many followers due to device compatibility issues, there had to be a work around and I found it late on the Friday night. I had to update the software on my tablet - I was having so many other issues with my tablet as well and I was not buying another tablet. To be honest I only use it for Instagram and reading blogs at night and neither were working. Now it is working perfectly and I was so happy to be doing photo a day again and was busy catching up. I was about to blog about the rest of our holiday on the Sunday evening and as I was walking from the kitchen to my laptop, Pluto collapsed and that caused this mental block I have. Instagram was my Social Media Alter Ego and I just cannot get back into it. Its like life got the better of something else in my life. I have had to pull myself out of my rut again and focus for Chad's sake.

As we go into the end of the first quarter of the year, I have to try and fit more into each day to slow down the illusion of the year galloping away, because surely it is just an illusion and the more we pack into each 24 hour period the slower the illusion should be.  I need to be more aware of what is going on around me and the big one - procrastinate less. The other day I told Chad that we have to start thinking about booking his driver's licence and he said it is still 3 months until he turns 18 and then at almost the exact moment we both said we will probably wake up a month after his birthday and remember that we haven't booked his licence. Those are the things that I have to get on top of. Him and Mark went looking at cars on Saturday for his 18th birthday and I can see that he will have another birthday where he gets his present long before his birthday. They also went 4x4"ing on Saturday and Mark sent me this video of Chad driving the 4x4 track.



There were a few other clips Mark sent me, but his choice of vocabulary was not suitable for a family blog. It is crazy to think that Chad is almost 18 and there are days that it feels like I am continuing with conversations I had with Clint and there was not 8 years in between. We are reliving almost every day of Clint's last few weeks. It is like deja vu. It is sad and heartbreaking and it is unfair on Chad to not allow him this time, so I do smile and be happy, but we all hide behind the memories.

And on a lighter note - how Mark and Spike spend their Sunday movie nights.

Mark has some stiff competition when it comes to mouth open snoring in this household.....

Good night .............

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