Sunday, 22 March 2015

Weekly Link Up Week Two

I haven't been around the blog much this week, I have been an emotional wreck and added to that it is my busy month at work. As the saying goes it never rains it pours and right now that is a reality and not just a passing quip. I have had to put my emotional blanket on, wrap up my tears and emotions and just get on with it against my will. I did catch up with reading blogs last night and this morning and have decided to join Sammy from The Annoyed Thyroid with her The Ultimate Rabbit Hole link up again this week. I have been reading Sammy's link up from her very first The Ultimate Link Up, but never joined in thinking it was an Australian Blogger Link up. Sammy is always so welcoming and generous and when she asked if I was joining in last week, I did and have found even more lovely blogs to follow.

In case you missed last week's link up post and you are not sure of what The Ultimate Rabbit Hole is all about here is a recap. The Ultimate Rabbit Hole is a weekly Link Up that starts on a Saturday morning, Australian time, which in South Africa is late on a Friday night and closes at midnight on the Monday.  In a nutshell, you do a roundup of posts you liked enough to share among other bloggers or you just link your best post and then visit some other blogs in the Link Up, but don't link and run, read and comment. In that way we all get to find new and interesting blogs to follow. So why not pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or if you had a tough week like I did, a stiff drink and relax and go down the Rabbit Hole and find some new awesome blogs to follow. Here is the link to this week's The Ultimate Rabbit Hole. OK, I didn't really have a stiff drink, if I still smoked I would have, because drinking and smoking goes down so well together.

To start off, this week will again be Sammy's "She's So Inspiring - Sarah Rosborg" this is definitely a must read and I won't go into any more detail, except to say that Sammy really finds the most inspiring ladies to feature in her series. 

I have always wanted to go on a Cruiseliner, it has been a dream from as long as I can remember, but sadly Mark and Chad and Clint as well did not share my enthusiasm, so we have never been. Clint and Mark would go on deep sea fishing boats and they both went on the fastest boat in Cape Town in the sea, but not a Cruiseliner. Chad is like me, small boats don't do it for him, but neither do cruise liners do it for him. How majestic is the Queen Mary docked at Sydney Harbour - who would not want to go on that. OK, Sammy's stats on the cost to board her will be reason enough not to book a ticket, but one can dream can't we.

Do you save your best for best? When is best???  I read Use The Plate - Your Best Day Is Today and it is so true. When my parents moved to the coast in December 2013, my mother gave me a lot of her stuff and some of the things belonged to my maternal grandmother, like her wedding ring (now locked in the safe for fear of losing it) and her serving plates and bowls. My grandmother more than likely kept them for best, which is why 40 years later they are still in good condition, she died when I was 12, so they are probably older than 40 years. My mother kept them for best, so she did not get to enjoy them, but it is also a double edged sword, because if they did not keep them for best, I would not have them to enjoy. EXCEPT, I am not enjoying them either. They are packed away for fear of breaking them, for breaking what my grandmother and then my mother looked after and kept for best.  I really appreciate having my grandmother's belongings, but the chain ends with me. I don't have daughters and one day if I have a daughter in law, she would not want vintage goods that cannot be put in the dishwasher or microwave. She would have her own maternal or paternal heirlooms, she would have her own connections and appreciation of those connections. Chad and I have already had the conversation of mothers not liking their daughter in laws and visa versa, so it would be for that reason too. I don't even want to jinx my life and mention having grandchildren, that is still very very far off, and those children would definitely not have any connection to my grandmother and would not want old stuff. I really should make use of that stuff and use it everyday and remember my favourite grandmother everyday. I have a sideboard full of my own stuff I never use and I am saving it for who knows what or when, so perhaps I should not only use my grandmother's stuff , but my own too.

My Grandmother's Serving Dishes and Sweet Bowl

I am not one for mommy circles and never have been. All those perfect mothers pretending to show off the imperfections in their oh so perfect lives, when all they want is praise at how perfect their lives are. The judging and comparing, moms who were not part of the clique, felt intimidated that they were not good enough of a mother and second guessed their decisions and themselves, whilst those in the click judged each other and disagreed with everything, whilst smiling and gushing. Fast forward to a whole new world of technology and women have become more judgemental towards each other and to be honest I feel more akin to women who are not mothers than to mothers. You would think they would be more judgemental of mothers, but perhaps because they are judged and questioned all the time about not having children they know what it is like and don't judge. As I judge the judges, this post written by Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim, another Aussie blog I love, is so true in every aspect of our lives. The Grey Area -  Do what is good for your own family and respect that what others do, is best for their family.

As we go into Autumn, the evenings and mornings are cooling down and signs of Winter are starting to show up in teeny weeny places. It is still scorchingly hot during the day, but Summer is definitely behind us. Soon it will be time for stews and soups and all that comfort food except I am not the soup making type. If it does not come out of a packet in a powdery form into a cup, then soup is not on the top of our Winter menu. I have tried to make vegetable soup, I can count on my one hand how many times, but it never comes out right - either too salty or too bland; too thick or too watery - never just right. Through last week's The Ultimate Rabbit Hole, I found this Pumpkin Soup recipe that looks pretty easy, which I am going to try in Winter. I love pumpkin, but have never had it in a pie or a soup or any way other than the very South African way (unhealthy) with lots of butter and sugar. I don't do the roasted and cinnamon way.

Will you be joining The Ultimate Rabbit Hole this week - have you found any new and interesting blogs this week. I hope you have enjoyed this week's round up as much as I did.

Thanks for reading

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