Sunday, 15 March 2015

Weekly Link Up - Week One

After purging myself of all my inner most thoughts and feelings in yesterday's post, my load does feel a lot lighter today. The pain is there, it always will be, but the suffocating heaviness on my chest, bearing down like a massive weight pressing into my chest is lighter, the tears pushed back so they are no longer brimming over the edge. Feeling emotionally lighter, I thought I would go down the Ultimate Rabbit Hole and join Sammy from The Annoyed Thyroid's Weekly Link Up. Sammy is an Australian Blogger who is a cancer survivor and such an inspiring lady. She finds the flipside in any negativity that may cross her path. Looking in from the outside, there seems to be an amazing blogging community spirit amongst the Australian bloggers and Sammy is right up there sharing that spirit among everyone else.

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole is a weekly Link Up that starts on a Saturday morning, Australian time, which in South Africa is late on a Friday night and closes at midnight on the Monday. You can read more about it and find some fabulous Australian and other International bloggers to follow by clicking here. In a nutshell, you do a roundup of posts you liked enough to share among other bloggers or you just link your best post and then visit some other blogs in the Link Up and in that way we all get to find new and interesting blogs to follow. So why not pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee or better still a cold drink or glass of wine and go down the Rabbit Hole and find some new awesome blogs to follow.

To start off my first link up would have to be Sammy's very own post She's So Inspiring - Jenny Eyles. I am not trying to get all teacher's pet on anyone or stalkerish on Sammy :) but her "She's so Inspiring" series is so inspiring. I am going to cheat a bit and add her very first post in the series as well, even though it is not from this week, but it really touched me and is part of a series - She's So Inspiring - Lisa Humphries.

Going down the Rabbit Hole, I discovered this post on New New Year's Resolutions. Do you make New Year's Resolutions, have you broken them already, why not just start them today. That is what this post is all about and such a beautiful blog by two ladies called Jesse and Kathy and life in a small country town in Australia.

I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat reading Sula's Farewell to her older son moving to Cape Town. We always think that moving across country is just a plane trip away, but life gets in the way of the best intentions and before we know it, years have gone by and it would seem that we did not make an effort to see each other.

Living far away from family is so much easier now with technology, but sometimes it can weigh us down with its urgency in everything. The Spice Goddess writes about the lessons she learnt from not having her Smartphone for a few days. The Spice Goddess is a new blog I have just recently followed and found on Twitter. Her post was retweeted by @Blogging_Addict. If you don't follow Blog Addict already, then you should - just listen to me ordering you around and making demands, but seriously follow them if you want to discover new blogs or get your blog to reach more readers. They are a South African Twitter based network of bloggers sharing and supporting and they retweet any post you tweet to them. All these tweets are getting me tongue tied.

Lastly, almost everyone has been in a slump of negativity in South Africa, some of us more so than others for our own reasons, but have you heard the clip of what Americans think of our food. I heard it on 94.7 on the Breakfast Express, but An Unkept Mind also shared the link on her blog. Listen to it over here. I knew Ouma Rusks were South African, but did not know that Rusks are a South African snack. I did know about Pecks Anchovette  being South African, only because I read about it when we were on holiday in Paternoster.

Now I need to get dressed and join my real life world for the rest of today. On Friday I realised that other than going to work everyday and to the shops to buy boring everyday stuff, I have not been anywhere this year. I am trying to eat healthily, but eating healthily does not and should not mean that I must hibernate and become any more of a recluse than I already am, so I might just join my little family and go out today - not the best choice of weekend to join the outside world, so we will see.

Have a lovely Sunday

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