Sunday, 29 March 2015

Weekly Link Up Week Three

How did you name your blog? Did you put a lot of thought into it or did it just pop into your head one day whilst in the shower or fighting traffic. My blog has had many names as I went from anonymity to openly public, yet personal and private. I can't even remember most of the names, they were that random and then one day Chad discovered that I blogged and he was very upset that I did not have a specific page for him, only one for Clint. He was so upset about it and Chad's emotions are always revealed as anger and angry outbursts. I never meant anything by it and was shocked that he was so upset, but tried to explain why. I made a page for him and it did make sense in hindsight, why have a page all about my animals, but not my son. Sorry Chad I have not kept it up to date, but you are in all these posts and probably a lot more. One day when I decided that I did not like the name of my blog and wanted to change it to Life and Us, I couldn't get the blogger Life and Us url and Chad Life Us popped into my head, because Chad was sinking in my ongoing grief and besides what would Life be without Chad.

The way I write my blog posts is exactly the way I speak in real life - all over the place. I say far too much and NEVER get to the point or go to the other extreme and expect you to know what I am talking about or what I mean when I tell you something. Invariably it is because I went on and on about nothing that I leave out important facts. Chad is exactly the same so you can imagine how our conversations go and the frustration at not knowing what the other is saying - and there I go again.

It is time for The Ultimate Rabbit Hole link up and incase you have missed my previous two link up posts (you can read them over here and here) and you are not sure what The Ultimate Rabbit Hole is all about here is a quick recap. The Ultimate Rabbit Hole is a weekly Link Up that starts on a Saturday morning, Australian time, which in South Africa is late on a Friday night and closes at midnight on the Monday.  In a nutshell, you do a roundup of posts you liked enough to share among other bloggers or you just link your best post and then visit some other blogs in the Link Up, but don't link and run, read and comment and follow. In that way we all get to find new and interesting blogs to follow. I call it Sammy, from The Annoyed Thyroid's Ultimate Rabbit Hole, but Sammy just copilots with three other bloggers. That was what I was waffling on about in my previous paragraph. Although I know Sammy is just a copilot, I never mentioned it in my two previous linkups and just assumed that you can read my mind. I have just read The Annoyed Thyroid for a long time, which is why I call it Sammy's Ultimate Rabbit Hole, but you can also link up over at Calm To Conniption, A Little Part Of The World or Our Urban Box and of course where I link up The Annoyed Thyroid. As frustrating as what technology is and how frustrating I find it, it is also amazing, because you only add your post to one of the awesome foursome blogs and it shows up on all four of them. Why not grab a cup of coffee, sink into a comfy seat and join in. 

We all know what colour the Breast Cancer Ribbon is and the Aids Ribbon, even the Anti-Rhino Poaching has a Black Ribbon, but what I did not know is that the Thyroid also has a Ribbon and the colours are Teal Purple and Pink. Sammy explains how the name of her blog, The Annoyed Thyroid came about and why she chose the colours, Teal Purple and Pink, when her blog had it's extreme makeover a couple of months ago.

Have you ever given any thought to how accessible your blog is to those less abled than ourselves. I have never thought about it until I read making your blog more accessible to the disabled. Click here and read more links confuse screen reading software. Who would have thought - I certainly did not. There is also a link in the post to check the accessibility of your blog.

It is Easter next weekend and South African school holidays and here are two recipes for Easter Cup Cakes and Chewy Chunky Mini Egg Cookies. The Mini Egg Cookies look very easy for little children to help make. I am hoping to be gluten, chocolate and sugar free this Easter, but have already eyed a Kit Kat Easter Bunny, so not sure how that will pan out and I am eyeing out these cookies and I love Mini Eggs.

How awesome are these made to order designed shoes. Sadly the time is coming for me to pack away high heels and wear clumpy ugly flats. My back is getting worse and worse. A few weeks ago, I went to buy some comfortable black shoes as the ones I had were giving me such backache and they were the ones I was wearing when the physio said no more high shoes, they were not even high, just ugly and uncomfortable slip-ons. These in the picture below was one of three pairs I bought when looking for "comfortable shoes" - well they have close to crippled me this week as my back gets worse and worse. I really don't want to give up heels, but I don't want a back operation either.

Well that is all for this week's link up. Are you taking part in Earth Hour 2015 or are you like Chad who says it is Earth Hour everyday in South Africa with load shedding. Have you found any new and or interesting blogs to follow this week. Are you linking up with The Ultimate Rabbit Hole?

Thanks for reading.

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