Tuesday, 24 March 2015

When Karma Hits You In The Bangs - Our Relationship Is Over

Wow when did I become so Americanised, probably from my son. The other week I told Mark that I needed to have my haircut and I keep forgetting to make an appointment. He said I should go to his barber. Him and Chad have a weekly standing appointment with their young Moroccan Barber - in fact right now they are quite upset that their barber has gone back to Morocco for a month. Mark is bald shaves his head no skill required in that - anyone can do it. Chad's is quite stylish and he is a teenager, but I digress. When Mark seriously suggested his barber, I said No Thank You Very Much!! I do my own mani's and pedi's, don't do tips and falsies, I don't even go for facials or spa days, I am certainly not scraping the very bottom of the beauty barrel and going to a barber for a haircut.

I have been going to the same hairdresser for about 6 years. I used to go to a lady who had a salon at home, but a proper fully equipped salon separate to her house. I started growing my hair and did not go as often as I used to and when Clinty died I was really overdue for a cut. Months and months later when I realised that cutting my hair was now a necessity and not something shallow and superficial, I called the salon and the number had changed. Her house had new people staying there and she was gone. I found a salon close to where I bought flowers and a lovely modern young girl cut and styled my hair and everyone complimented me when they saw it. It was months later, I needed another cut, she had left and another young girl did my hair, it also looked good, but not as good. Months later back again, she left. I was jinxing these stylists. A women my age or a bit younger did my hair and has been doing it since and it has gotten progressively worse. Normally after a week it settles, but this last time she really hacked it. I decided to look for another salon awhile ago when I had a Brazilian Blow Dry, but an even older woman did my hair so I went back to the woman I had been going to all these years. This time she really screwed up my hair. My bangs/fringe was just chopped and chunks cut out the length of either side. It is over a month and it has not settled and I am not going back this time.  I will go to the Moroccan Barber, before I go back to her, I am sure he will do a MUCH better job.

Luckily I received John Frieda in my February Rubybox, because I can't leave my hair to dry into natural curls after my last haircut even using Moroccan Argan Oil. In December I bought OGX Beauty Argan Oil to use whilst we were away. I did not go out of my way to look for it, I saw it at Foschini when I was looking at clothes and I thought I will try it. I had already decided I wasn't taking  my Marc Anthony Oil with on holiday and risk spilling it everywhere. The OGX was R177.00 for 118mls and comes in a spray bottle. It is much thinner than the Marc Anthony Argan Oil. I prefer Marc Anthony, but the OGX Beauty Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco is quick and easy to use - just spray on wet or dry hair and style as desired, which meant leave to dry naturally. My hair was frizz free and soft and manageable, not as soft as with Marc Anthony Argan Oil. It did not last as long as the Marc Anthony one, so price wise it was more expensive - 3 weeks compared to 3 months. I do recommend it, just don't be too heavy handed with it like I was and I think you can only buy it from Foschini.

This is my true and honest opinion of this product for my Makeup Monday post, I paid for it and have not received financial compensation or free products to do this review.

Now I need to find a new hair salon. I hate change, but when I am pushed my mind is made up.

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