Monday, 13 April 2015

A Box Full Of Love And Memories

I haven't had a chance to do my 5 year blog anniversary post. Last week Saturday was 5 years since my very first and very random blog post about a Praying Mantis clinging to our windscreen. I didn't do the post last week because it was Easter. Not that we did much for Easter, I just was not in the mood for blogging or anything else. We watched quite a few movies, but ate very little chocolate compared to other years. Other than a box of 48 Beacon Marshmallow eggs that we scoffed in under two days, We each had one Kit Kat Easter Bunny - was really not as nice as we thought it would be, one Ferrero Rocher Ball with two little balls inside it and one Lindt Bunny - THE BEST.  A week before Easter Mark asked if it was really Easter "next week". "Yes it is why?" Mark "then why haven't we had any Easter Eggs yet?"  Chad and I in unison "Coz we trying to eat healthy food". Mark "Yes, but they haven't been all over the shops either"  Chad "They have luckily you haven't seen them". Mark is not a huge chocolate eater, but he buys them all the time and Chad and I eat them, except for Beacon Marshmallow eggs, those things are laced in crack, they are so addictive all three of us munched them not stop. Normally by Easter we have had four or five boxes, so one box this year was very little.

Chad and Mark are back onto their fizzy drinks after finding these cute little coke bottles and Mark ended up buying a whole lot of them, so it has been coke everyday. After eating chocolate and hot cross buns over the weekend, I went back to healthy eating, but today had a huge portion of breyani. It was cold and rainy so Mark and Chad went and bought curry and briyani for lunch - curry for Mark and briyani for Chad and I.

I have photos lying around all over the house in different cupboards and drawers. Photos that did not make it into photo frames or albums. I also have birthday cards and christmas cards and all Clint and Chad's school artwork and drawings all over the place. For years and years I have been meaning to do something with them, but being the Queen of Procrastination, I haven't. Sometime back I saw that West Pack Lifestyle  sell lovely gift boxes and I have been meaning to buy them forever to pack all the photos and works of art into. I finally bought them this week.

I bought one for each of us, although Mark and I don't have that much stuff to put in there. The boxes cost R42.00 for the big ones and the small box R13.00. These gift boxes are so much better than gift bags or wrapping paper, especially because I cannot wrap presents. I must say they don't have a variety of the big boxes. These in the photo above are the only ones you get in the big boxes and let's be honest unless, you are a farmer or turkey fanatic, who would want a gift in a turkey decorated box, but because Mark's dream is to be  farmer, I bought the turkey box for him :) There is a huge variety of the little boxes and I bought one for all the odd photos. The millions of photos we take of decor, rivers; trees, birds and scenery etc. In other words not of Clint and Chad.

Chad and Clint's boxes are full and I haven't found all the photos and drawings yet, so I am not sure if I should buy another two or just put mine and Mark's stuff together. Clint's is the pink teddy bear and heart box and Chad's the hearts with wings. It is such a pity they have such a limited variety of boxes, but the important things is that they are filled with love and memories, like these photos of when Easter was a day filled with fun; happiness and laughter.

Clint's first Easter

Chad's First Easter

Going through all these photos, cards and letters brings laughter and smiles, but lots of heartache and tears too.

School starts tomorrow - not looking forward to that, because I have been getting out of bed after 6 during the holidays and tomorrow is back to 4.45. The good thing is that school closes for a week at the end of April, because the 27th is a holiday and the 1st of May. We were thinking of going away, but we have decided to rather fix up our house, which is way way overdue.  Our 2nd bathroom which I call the dog's bathroom because we never use it, has a problem with the toilet leaking all the time. More than 5 plumbers have charged a fortune to fix it and the last time it was done was in December just before we went away and it is worse than ever now. A plumber came out yesterday and we decided to rather redo the whole bathroom, because it needs to be done. We went and bought all the fittings today, so this time we have to do it. No more getting quotes and doing it "soon". That is also the reason why I never had time to finish filling my boxes of love and memories. The builders start tomorrow and I am not looking forward to the mess, because doing the bathroom requires breaking down part of the wall, taking off tiles and a big mess. Chad chose most of the fittings with a bit of input from us - more Marks than mine, because it is his bathroom and it doesn't need a feminine touch and definitely not a mom's touch. It will look nice and modern and way better than the old fashioned mess it is now. We have to collect the rest of the stuff tomorrow, because we went to look at stuff only and went in my car, then ended up buying what we looked at.

Yesterday, I had to buy Chad more gym clothes, track pants. His old ones were torn and with all this rain he ran out of pants for gym last week. I ended up buying us warm jackets as well. The shops are full of lovely winter boots and jackets. I have worn my flat boots this whole week and my back has been OK, so it is definitely high shoes that cause my back to ache so badly. I need to buy winter shoes and I am going to have to just buy flats from now on.

And out of everyone, Garfield appreciates my shopping trips the most - she has new packets to sleep on. Our crazy cat.

Now it is time for bath and bed and early to rise in the morning. Hope you had a good weekend and even better week ahead.

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