Monday, 20 April 2015

As Life Goes By

In between renovations, life goes on and more than banging and dust happens. For one, Chad has been back to school for a week and we received his first term report on Friday and he passed the term. His math's mark was 70% and the class average was 48%, so we are very proud of him. His Afrikaans was 35%  and he just passed. The class average was 55% but at least he passed, I did not expect much more, because Afrikaans has always been an issue. His other subjects were mid fifties and sixties, so well done Chad.

I also arranged for him to go to for driving lessons, which was a disaster. Chad can drive and he drives well and with confidence, but he needs to do parallel parking and go through the whole testing procedure. The place he went to, Clint went to for a pre-test motorbike lesson and they were OK and we were impressed, but not this time. Obviously driving schools have mushroomed all over the place and it has become a dog eat dog world. The recommendation was 14 hours to learn to parallel park and go through the K53 at R300.00 a lesson and then R1800.00 for the pre-test lesson and if you pass and give your blue pass receipt back to them, you get R540.00 back, if you fail, you don't get that back. That I did not understand at all. Chad is not keen on fourteen lessons. The first lesson was two hours and the guy was late and Chad only got home after 7 that night. They collect and drop off. I sent Chad a message to see if he was OK and why he was late and then poned when he still was not home and apparently the guy said to Chad "Gee your parents are strict with you". No we are just worried that a strange man collected our son and three hours later he is still not home. The good news is that there is no longer a long wait to get a booking and he can go when he is 18 and book and get a booking in a couple of days. Now he just has to practice parallel parking and his K53 procedures and then go for a pre-test with another school.

In other news my blog was 5 years old on the 4 April 2015 and I was going to do a whole post on it, but never got round to it. Going through photos, I can't believe how much has changed, yet remained the same. I do know that I have lost sight of why I started this blog. In fact I lost sight of it from the beginning and always just blog about random stuff and never about our holidays or anything else that we do that is interesting.

I can't believe how Chad has grown up and just how long 5 years is. I still have not done what I said I was going to do with my blog, when it was my 4 year blog anniversary like post about our holidays. Last year I decided to do Sponsored Posts and put adverts on my blog and I was looking forward to it, but have now decided my blog will be completely ad free from now on. Anything that involves money or payment for services, becomes a job with financial issues and I have a job with enough stresses of its own, financial and otherwise. My blog is a hobby to keep an online diary of our lives and again I was losing sight of why I blog and what it is all about.

Piggy was a baby when I started my blog and sometimes it seems as if we have had her for a lifetime and other times feels like she is still a baby and not 5 years old. What is so sweet is how she became attached to Pluto from day one, but what is strange is that it does not seem as though she misses him. She no longer stays in the bathroom if we go out. Mark thinks it is cruel and initially when I called her to put her outside when I was going out as well, she looked at me and went running to the bathroom and it was a battle to get her out. Needless to say, I now leave it up to Mark or Chad to put her out, because she associates me going out with her going into the bathroom.

In other news on the 4 April, I was 23 months smoke free. I still crave like crazy and if I had half the chance I would light up and I still reach out for my smokes and can taste that first long draw as I imagine it. I do however now feel the benefits of not smoking and feel healthy for the first time in almost 2 years. Well for the past two or three months now I have been feeling healthy and less exhausted and ill. What has helped is cutting out almost all sugar and gluten and having lost all the weight I put on over the past two years when sweets and chips became my new addiction. I do however, still have very bad pains in my solar plexus region and it is just getting worse and worse. Last Sunday we had Breyani and it felt like a thousand donkeys were kicking me in the diaphragm. I was so really sick on Sunday night and after a week of Ulsanic and Maalox and my normal Nexium it only started to subside yesterday. Today is has been really cold and grey and miserable, like July Winter  and not Autumn, I went to sleep and after the tiler left, Mark went and bought us curry and breyani for supper again - he didn't realise it was the breyani that made me sick and went all the way to go an buy it especially for me. I didn't know he was going to buy it and I COMPLAINED all week about how sick the breyani had made me. I didn't eat it - being grateful and being sick and in pain - or ungrateful and pain free - it's a no brainer.

Well that all for now - time for my nightmare camping bath and then bed and ready for a week of work and renovations.

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