Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bathroom Diaries - Day Eight And Nine

Blogging 101 should be.. or maybe it is bathroom renovations 101 should be.. or maybe both should be.. don't bare your bathroom soul all over the interwebs, because there will be disappointment. That is the law of the Universe or maybe it is just my Universe - nothing ever goes according to plan. The bathroom is 95% complete and looks stunning - not totally stunning, but compared to before is looks fantastic. However, my mantra from day one has been that we are not settling for better than before, but we have - we went over budget and settled for better than before - story of our lives.

On Monday I arrived home and Chad told me that the bathroom is finished and it looks good. As I walked in I never saw how stunning the wall tiles looked or how stunning the floor tiles looked, all I saw was that the basin was fitted wrong. Why on earth would you take a basin like this and shove it in the corner. It has towel rails around the basin so why would you stick that onto a wall. I was so furious that I wanted to cry - I could not walk into the bathroom. The plumber was supposed to come around so we could show him where the other fittings had to go - why bother because all he ever did was drop his staff off and disappear. Anyhow, Mark decided that we would mark everything and in light of my anger, he should rather not come and Mark told him he will have to move the basin.

After much consideration, anger and discussion, I said we might as well leave it - imagine they break the basin when moving it or some tiles, so we settled for better than before. That was on Monday - day eight. We couldn't use anything in the bathroom and the other bathroom was supposed to be demolished, because the red bin was being collected.

After I calmed down we went into the bathroom and marked where all the fittings had to go. In the end Chad had the final say and Tuesday we went to work and they came to do the fittings. Mark met them at the house, because the builders had to start moving the window in our bathroom and break down the wall of our shower. When Mark came back to work he told me they had cracked a tile and he has to go buy a box of tiles, because we have no more white tile. They broke it - they must replace it.

So after marking everything, I get home, not only did they crack a tile, but after they cracked the tile they just decided to put the cup holder in a totally different place on one of the decorative tiles, the ones that CTM no longer have in stock. I could just scream or throttle someone. The cabinet is also just "THERE" in a corner, because the basin is in the wrong place.

They also chipped a small piece off the tile when they fitted the toilet roll holder and they need to fix that and there are a few other places where they did not do the grouting properly. Besides all the things they have to fix, we still have to paint the door frame and either buy a new door or sand that one down and paint it. Then there is also the matter of a mirror I bought for the one wall that is still under discussion. I bought it to go along the length of the wall by the toilet - not very long, but Chad doesn't think we need another mirror and Mark says it is my choice. I am scared they crack the tiles. The blinds I rushed out to buy, because the glass is not frosted and we need to cover the window urgently, has still not been fitted and I am also scared they crack those tiles.

Chad has also realised that the place where HE wanted the soap holder is really wrong and awkward, but to move that and crack tiles that they no longer have in stock is a problem. I personally think the showerhead is in the wrong place too - that was the plumber - we had no input. Chad agrees with me that, you should never get someone you know or a client to do work for you, because it makes things awkward. Mark would rather have someone he knows, but then you can never say anything to rock the boat.

Chad was the one that did the toilet roll and cabinet and towels and mats and believes that is how they should leave the bathroom when handing over. I did the basin towels. I need to buy white bath towels and new floor mats and a silver dirt bin and a laundry basket. Chad wants a silver/chrome one - I doubt you get laundry baskets like that. Our bathroom scale fits in perfectly - it is glass and chrome, I only put it in the bathroom after the photos.

That is bathroom one almost done and dusted.

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