Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bathroom Diaries - Day Five; Six And Seven

I feel as though I am on a very bad camping trip as I share my bath with tiny pebbles or bits of plaster, whilst realising that I don't have soap or I have forgotten my shampoo whilst my dripping wet hair and body steps out the shower to look for facewash. Only difference is that we have never been on a camping trip that bad or even remotely that bad. Ablutions were always the deciding factor when it came to choosing resorts and we each had a toiletry bag with soap, shampoo, toothpaste; sunblock etc and I had my vanity bag with all my lotions and potions. It just meant grabbing a towel and fresh clothes and off you went. Chad even had his own bag when he was little, although he never went to shower on his own. It just made for a more pleasant camping experience. Now, no matter how often I clean out the bath, before running my water, little stones still fall into the bath and our toiletries are all over the house. Most of our stuff is locked in Clint's room and Sheila has put almost all our bathroom stuff in there to.

BUT, I don't even mind the pebbly bath and drying myself with a hand towel or a bath towel I used the night before, because I forgot to grab a clean one out of the cupboard when I went to shower. I don't even mind not taking my mascara off properly, because I can't find my Facial Cleansing Wipes and Face Wash doesn't remove eye makeup. It will all be worth it in the end.

What I do mind is the tiles not being laid the way we said we wanted them. I mind that I came home from work late, then whilst trying to make dinner, I stood in the bathroom carefully explaining and showing where the tiles should go, whilst burning the supper, then come home the following night and they are not like I said. The problem is that the person who is being given the instructions, is never on site. Mark said it is not serious, because it will still look better than before. We did not go way over budget just so the bathroom can look better than before. Anything would have been better than before - a shelf and some paint would have looked better than before. Now it would have looked better than before to us and everyone else would say "Did you see they ran out of tiles".  I wanted the pattern right around the bathroom, one tile width higher. When we bought the tiles, the salesman said we should maybe do just two walls and leave the smaller walls. That would work in a big bathroom - not ours. We stood in the bathroom with the Plumber and said if you have enough tiles, do the other two walls as well, because it will look better, otherwise just do the two long walls. The tiler then did 3 walls and ran out of tiles. That was Friday - day five. They had to work on Saturday - I hate workers at the house on the weekend, but we need the bathroom finished and they are not even halfway done. Mark also has someone painting outside so I lay in bed with all the dogs with me and Mark organised the tilers and painters. He then came and told me he was going to go and get another box of patterned tiles, because it will always be "there" - it would always look like we ran out of tiles. We only needed four tiles. They are actually in pieces and they are laid in a pattern, but each block is sold as a tile, if that makes sense, although we did not know that when we bought them. Fortunately they are sold loose and they only had 6 left, which Mark bought - two for spare. One tile/block costs R179.00 - that's one of the reasons why we went over budget. That was day 6 and I had to give Mark a lesson in questions an statements and the English language. He always says "You will have the shower floor by Thursday"   and not in a threatening "YOU WILL" way. or "You are on site all the time"  and not "Are you on site all the time?"  or "Will you have the shower floor by Thursday?"  No one is ever on site or has the shower door by Thursday or a million other things and they never actually said they are doing/having what Mark "asked" them and that is half the reason why things always go wrong for us. If you are asked a question and you answer then you are accountable for your answer. The beauty and complexities of the English Language and communication.

Well today, day seven we were supposed to go and look for fittings and tiles for our bathroom, but the tilers had to come in quickly for two hours to finish the tiling so the bathroom can be finished tomorrow. They were here from 7.30 yesterday morning until after 7 last night and again at 7.30 this morning. What was taking so long "apparently" is that they have to cut the tiles to go around the wooden poles. We should have put a ceiling in the bathroom like we are doing in our bathroom. It would have been cheaper than tiling to the roof. Mark said I must come and look at what was taking so long - Chad said I should wait until it is all finished and ready to use then look. I have a wise child. It is 2pm and they are nowhere near done.

The dogs are fed up and I am fed up. Miss Piggy spent Friday night walking up the passage barking viciously whilst we were watching TV in the lounge. Obviously living in South Africa, there is always an element of fear of someone breaking into the house. It eventually dawned on me that she is annoyed because there are bags and tools in the bathroom - her bathroom and what have we done to HER bathroom. I closed the door and she was happy and stopped barking. She is such a funny little thing. Spike has been locked in Sheila's room all week and he is not even fussed about it - only when we come home he cries to come to us and runs straight for his ball and barks to play. Piggy and Jingles follow Sheila around and Garfield sleeps on Clint's bed. They have all been fine all week, but are all taking strain this weekend. Spike ended up lying in the lounge on Mark's lap or Chad holding him if Mark had to leave the lounge and Piggy going into attack mode every now and again. Garfield has been running up and down the passage and I have now put her in Clint's room and she has settled down. Jingles is the only one who does not bother with any stranger in the house. If poor Pluto, bless his little soul, was alive and here, I would have gone off my head. He was the instigator and was so protective of not only me, but our possessions. Spike is unpredictable and never barks when he bites or tries to attack - Pluto was relentless in his barking and protecting and then set the others off. He would bark if he even sensed, without hearing or seeing someone on the property an he had that typical piercing Dachshund bark.

I can't even see any progress since Friday, everything is still a mess and I cannot see the bathroom being completely finished by tomorrow night and the other bathroom has to be gutted tomorrow, because the skip goes tomorrow afternoon. The owner of the business nowhere in site, Mark who has no plumbing/building/tiling skills or knowledge is supervising the tiling and giving the one tiler a lift, because he could only work two hours today.

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