Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Bathroom Diaries Day One

I have been pinning small bathroom ideas on Pinterest since not long after joining Pinterest and I have hated our bathrooms since before moving into our house. We were always going to redo our bathrooms, but there were always bikes and boats and jetskis to buy and more money spent on places to go to, to enjoy said toys. Then our lives changed and there were no more toys and Mark started trying to fill a huge hole that would never be filled, by opening businesses for/with people he should not have even associated with, never mind anything else. However, through all of that I was not totally fussed, because my aversion to people invading my space was stronger than my wish for modern beautiful bathrooms.

So yes, our bathrooms are ancient and disgusting, but what I hate more than the noise and dirt and mess and having to lock the dogs away, is having strangers in my space. The bathrooms paled in comparison and years went by and we just lived with them. Fast forward to this past weekend and the decision was made to redo them. The first day was supposed to be yesterday, but as builders go, the only thing that happened yesterday was Mark showing the builder where the window had to be removed and moved one brick across. We have to put a smaller window in to fit the shower in, plus the window frames are ancient.

The bathroom only has a bath and no shower and we need two showers in the house and not necessarily two baths, so Mark and the plumber convinced me that we must just have a shower instead of trying to fit a bath and a shower into the bathroom. This picture below from my Pinterest collection is what we are basing our bathroom idea on.


The basin and drawers have since changed, but the shower layout will be the same, hence the window moving and we are still undecided on the tiles. Chad wants black and white, Mark thinks black and white is too "boarding school". I like the black and white in my Pinterest picture, we have to make a decision soon.

Well today when I came home to take Chad to gym and I saw the mess, I realised why I have never pushed the "we need to do the bathrooms" mantra. I am also glad the builder did not come yesterday, because we would have had an extra day of mess. I have to really keep my mind focused on the Pinterest picture being the end result and the noise and mess being worth it in the end.

... And whether we wanted to or not, we have to do the other bathroom as well and that was when the bathroom diaries idea was born. Will I survive the mess that will be revealed tomorrow?

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