Friday, 24 April 2015

Bathroom Diaries - Day Ten And Eleven

I have been trying my utmost to be all positive about our bathroom renovations, because they were way way overdue and our bathrooms were terrible. The bathroom looks lovely and bright and new and the tiles are stunning. I keep saying they are white, but they are actually off white and I love the shiny black floor tiles. Yesterday the plumber, not the plumber who owns the company, the one who does all the work, fitted the blind for us and the mirror that was up for discussion. The blind looks lovely, so does the mirror, except the mirror would have looked so much better if they had put the patterned tiles where I wanted them.

I had to rush and buy a blind, because the window is not frosted, so Monday night I googled ready made blinds and Game and MR Price Home had some I liked. I went to MR Price Home, because it is closer to work. Game moved to Bel Air Shopping Centre, which isn't far, but out of the way. The blind at MR Price Home is black and the one's at Game were Mahogany, which would match the toilet seat Chad chose, but the black looks so much nicer. I need to take a photo of it and the mirror.

They started on our bathroom on Tuesday, they knocked out the shower and moved the window to where the shower was before. Our house is so badly designed. We had a choice of having the same built in shower and just change the  door or moving a window, breaking down part of the wall of the shower and putting the toilet where the shower was. That idea came to me one night whilst lying in the bath of pebbles, wondering how we were going to shower when Mark wanted to breakdown the tiles in our bathroom before the other bathroom was completed. Oh we did extend the Red Bin until today. It is only R114.00 extra a day.

So they took out the old window and broke down the shower wall and from the outside the window looked perfect, but from the inside, the window was right up against the side wall, with a wide space on the otherside. You could never put a curtain rail or blind up and it looked terrible. Yay for Mark not settling for better than before and he made them take out the window and redo it - that was the builders not the plumbers. That meant our bathroom was only started on Wednesday - Tuesday was almost a right off.

Yesterday Worker Plumber laid the pipes in our bathroom. I loved the black floor tiles so much that we decided to do our bathroom black and white as well, but white and not off white. It will make this bathroom appear bigger as well. We spent 3 hours at CTM, looking at baths and basins. Our bathroom is so small and not having a bath was not an option and neither was going back to only one shower in the house. The Plumber/Owner met us at CTM to check sizes etc and the basin both Mark and I loved would not fit with the shower and bath, so we had to choose a different bath as well.

Yesterday was the first time that I felt completely positive about the bathrooms, the renovations and everything that went with it. Until last night. I went to shower - I hate showering at night, because I can't get my hair wet and I just don't enjoy showering. That is for the morning - to wash my hair and wake up. Night time is for bathing and relaxing and lulling me to sleep (not that I do fall asleep easily). So off I go to shower, Mark has been asleep for about an our, Chad has just gone to bed and I am ready to enjoy my shower. Next thing the silver cover for the drain pops up and the shower fills with water. The drain is blocked - I was so furious. This morning when I showered it was blocked even more than the night before and we all had to shower. Mark phoned the Owner Plumber at 6.30 and told him that the shower still leaks ( he has already spoken to him about that) and the drain is all blocked up.

Just after I arrived at work, Mark called to me (he was downstairs, I was upstairs) that I must get Bob Martins. Right now the dogs are not in my good books and after a bad night's sleep, with Mark snoring on the one side of me and Miss Piggy on the floor on the other side snoring for two nights in a row, I have not slept. Miss Piggy and Jingles had a fight in the kitchen this morning for no apparent reason, other than they hate each other. I do think it was because Piggy was wandering around from 4 this morning and she kept sitting near Jingles, who kept growling at her, so whilst I was sorting the washing and packing the dishwasher - Piggy just lost it with Jingles and they had a fight, but no one was hurt. Well so I thought and wondered what Bob Martins would do if one of them were hurt and how would Mark know they were hurt - he left home long before me and the dogs were fine.

Turns out as per the picture above sent by Owner Plumber, my hair is the cause of the shower blocking up and Mark thinks I should get some Bob Martins, because I am shedding. Firstly, with the utmost respect and sympathy to anyone who is going through chemotherapy, I did not start chemotherapy the day our shower was fitted. I have washed my hair twice in the shower - on Wednesday and Thursday morning - if you count the attempt at washing my hair in a blocked shower this morning then it is three times. I have NEVER blocked our shower before with my hair and my hair always falls out. Mark says we bought the shower so it is not the plumbers fault and that is how stuff is made these days. I just don't buy it - my hair has never blocked the drains before. Now Mark thinks it is funny and says we can take the filter off then my hair can go down the drain and block all the drains like the roots do. I swear his brain is working overtime and thinks my hair is responsible for the drains blocking and not the roots of the trees we cut down. He feels sorry for the Owner Plumber - he is a young guy who has just qualified as a Plumber and started his own business. Mark did not shout or make a scene about it, but I am sure the Plumber knew he was annoyed, because he went there early to check. Seriously Mark, you are as bad as your customers - who phones and complains at 6.30 in the morning.

Monday is a holiday, so we have a long weekend. In fact we have a three day week next week, because Friday is also a holiday, BUT the tiler is coming tomorrow so no relaxing for me and I can't even hide out in my room, because that is where they are working and the weather is lousy - cold and miserable and grey. I am not looking forward to it, but hopefully it will all be done by next Friday and I can enjoy my new bath - it will be so welcome.

... And I leave you with this question - how old/new is your shower and how often does your hair clog it up to the point of no water draining??? Two days is a bit much for it to be my hair - I think.

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