Friday, 1 May 2015

Bathroom Diaries - Day Twelve To Day Seventeen

I have kinda lost focus with my Bathroom Diaries and had to count out on my fingers to figure out which day we are on. Theoretically, last night I should have enjoyed a lovely candle lit bubble bath in my new bath and bathroom. OK, the candles didn't even have to factor in the vision or even bubbles for that matter, but a bath would have been wonderful. Showering at night is not for me and everyday the goal posts are moved further and further away. Each bathroom was meant to take a week - that would be fourteen days, so give or take a day or two for life not to work out as planned and considering that we started a day late, seventeen days should have been the completion day. It wasn't and if I think back, Owner Plumber did not specify a calendar week; a five day week; a week of weekends; a week of Tuesdays, he just said a week - we arrogantly assumed it was a work day week give or take a day or two.

It doesn't seem like a week ago that we had our blocked drain and we did not take into account that the renovations fell smack bang in the middle of a three day week due to public holidays. So it is still nightly showers and not baths and mess and noise and no tranquil quiet weekends.

 Well these are the photos of the mirror and blind I said I would post. I think the blind looks great and it was only R99.00 from Mr Price Home and the quality looks exactly the same as the blinds we had fitted in the lounge and diningroom years ago, by a company that makes blinds. They definitely were not R99.00 or anywhere close to R99.00.The mirror was from Builders Warehouse and I think it was about R700.00, I can't find the slip to check the price. It makes the bathroom look so much bigger than it is. The bathroom scale, I bought years ago and fits in with everything else.

Well on Friday night I was happy with how everything was turning out and I accepted that maybe the filter was the reason why the shower blocked up from my 6 strands of hair and on Saturday morning I woke up early as the builders were coming to level the floor so the tilers could start on Monday - a Public Holiday, but they were coming. The builders came on Sunday and not on Saturday and no one pitched on Monday. It was up early everyday of the long weekend for nothing. Tuesday the tilers did not pitch either, not sure why, but I did discover the leak in the first bathroom that Mark spoke about and it was not fixed on Friday. It is all over my scale and it comes from under the shower base and looks like it is coming from the drain - the same drain that my hair supposedly blocked.

They started tiling the second bathroom yesterday and after I took Chad to gym, he wanted to go buy supplements from the supplement store at our local shopping centre and as we pull into the shopping centre, who do we see - Owner Plumber sitting at the Pizza Shop. There he is all relaxed talking to the Pizza people, not in a "I am so busy I just stopped for a quick bite to eat" way, but in a "I do this everyday after dropping off my staff at various sites" relaxed way. So whilst he is chatting up a pizza storm, his staff are cutting tiles in our bedroom and it is a huge mess.

We get home last night and now we find out the builders have to come today to replaster the one wall and fix it, because it is so uneven - it was built like that years ago, not the fault of anyone doing the current renovations. Turns out building was also done badly in the 60's; 70's or 80's - not sure how old our house is, but definitely early 80's or earlier.

... And we are no further than what we were last week and we may or may not have workers in the house the whole weekend and what I definitely won't have is a lovely relaxing bubble bath tonight or any night soon.

Also according to Owner Plumber the leak in the other bathroom is from a hole in the wall - yea I am also confused...........

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