Thursday, 16 April 2015

Bathroom Diaries Day Two

Yesterday was day two of renovations and if I was wondering how I would manage yesterday, today the stress levels were off the roof, but back to day two. Mark went home to meet the plumber and came back to work and sheepishly said we may not have water in the kitchen, um but the plumber will make a plan. It turns out that our house is so ancient, they could not just turn off water to the bathroom. They had to make a temporary plan to make sure we have water in the kitchen and bathroom for the rest of the week.

I arrived home to take Chad to gym and saw the truck that delivered the skip bin leaving our road and rubble next to the skip. The skip was delivered late and the rubble had to be thrown somewhere. As I drove into the driveway and saw our garden covered in old baths and toilets, I thought OK, the garden is also going to suffer in the name of  modern amenities, but I can live with it, we going into Winter and the grass is going to die soon anyway.

I walked up the passage and they seemed to be taking care not to make too much of a mess and then I saw the bathroom. We have holes in the wall right through to the other bathroom. They had to do this to make a temporary solution to get the water back on.

The builders (2 totally different businesses doing the renovations) took the whole day to take out a window and brick in a smaller window - the WHOLE day.

The plumbers spent a whole day redoing the pipes and taking out the old bath etc. We are already behind schedule and we have only started.

Below, the temporary solution to get water to the rest of the house - all the extra piping and holes.

I have to say that when the water pressure in the shower was the strongest it has EVER been, even the holes through to our bathroom was OK and I was ready to face the new day of renovations.

All the stress gone and everything focused on the end result until I arrived home from work today...

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