Sunday, 12 April 2015

Scatter Love - Across The Pond

I am not doing a weekly link up this week, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons being that I don't have time to go and read new blogs or links this week and I don't think it is right to add my blog to a link up and then not read other blogs in the link up. I am also planning on doing a 5 year blog reminiscing post today and today is almost over. There is one link that I am going to add, because I really think it would add value to each and everyone who reads it. I have been feeling really down this week and for a few weeks now. I really miss Pluto, he meant so much more to me than a little dog or pet and it goes without saying that I miss Clinton every single day of my life, some days it just hits harder than others - not the missing, but the inability to hide it. Friday was an all time low, the tears were more over the edge than near the edge. I have not been able to pull myself up from the 8 Year Anniversary of Clint's death and then there was Easter and even Easter is tough, because it just highlights that there are only three of us and not four as it should be. On Friday I was reading this guest post on Sammy's blog (The Annoyed Thyroid) 8 Ways To Support Carers And Loved Ones When Someone Is Diagnosed With Cancer. It just made the tears really brim over. The post may be about Cancer, but it applies to any grief or trauma or illness in life - people do not know how to deal with death or cancer or grief. That specifically did not make me tear up, it was a combination of weeks of grief, sadness and despair. Read the post, because it is brilliant in that life lessons are hardly ever taught, but you most definitely will learn from the post.

I was still feeling really down and tearful when I went home to take Chad to gym. Sometime ago, Sammy from The Annoyed Thyroid sent me an email asking for my Postal address. I gave her my street address and my postal address and yes, you are right, we should not give out our personal information to people we meet online, but I knew it was her genuine email address and I think blogs are as real, if not more real than knowing someone in real life. Her blog is not anonymous at all and it is not Facebook. I explained that to Chad, because he likes to call me out on the online lessons I (try) teach him. If Sammy was going to kidnap me, I could do worse than an apartment in Sydney being fed the most delicious food ever. Jokes aside, I knew it was fine to give out my address and did not even ask why. I had an idea that it had something to do with the Scatter Love  - spread love around the world the snail mail way. Living in South Africa or if you have any affiliation with South Africa, you will know our Postal System is a gigantic mess. Besides the fact that last year they were on strike for the better part of the year and most of the mail was dumped in rivers or trashed in sorting centres, our mail especially gifts and cards, never arrive at their destination.

I forgot all about giving Sammy our address, so on Friday, I came home, dropped Chad off at gym went to the pharmacy, came home had some coffee, then it was time to rush off and fetch Chad from gym again. As I was leaving, Sheila gave me an envelope and I was like WTH, but took it and then saw the post mark was Australia - oh my - it must be from Sammy, that is why she wanted my address. Sammy is the most positive and inspiring person I know and getting a card through the SA Postal system to my street address could only be through her positive thoughts and vibes. Our street has an identity crises - it is spelt two different ways, years ago they made a mistake in the map book with the spelling, then years later, they changed the spelling on the actual street sign and just as they did that, the map books/garmin was corrected. Add that to the postal crises and you can see that it took positive vibes to get that card to me. Getting the card from Sammy was the lift I needed, the distraction that the first psychologist I went to spoke about. Cry and cry, but then stop and make a cup of tea - that was my cup of tea to lift me from my tears and despair. Thank you Sammy for the kind gesture, for going to all the trouble of mailing a handwritten card to me. It was so kind and thoughtful of you. Not only does Sammy make the most amazing food, I learned how to make Rotis because of her encouragement, but she is also a thyroid cancer survivor, twice over and has the most inspiring blog and I don't think she ever says a bad or negative word about anyone or anything.

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