Sunday, 5 April 2015

Weekly Link Up Week Four

At the risk of sounding like a repetitive old fool, I cannot believe it is time for the weekly link up at The Annoyed Thyroid, The Ultimate Rabbit Hole. What is even more mind boggling, is that this is the fourth week that I have linked up. If you have missed my other three link ups, you will find them all over here. If you are not sure of what The Ultimate Rabbit Hole is, here is a quick recap. The Ultimate Rabbit Hole is a weekly Link Up that starts on a Saturday morning, Australian time, which in South Africa is late on a Friday night and closes at midnight on the Monday.  In a nutshell, you do a roundup of posts you liked enough to share among other bloggers or you just link your best post and then visit some other blogs in the Link Up, but don't link and run, read and comment and follow. You can link up at Calm To ConniptionA Little Part Of The World or Our Urban Box and of course where I link up The Annoyed Thyroid and your link will show up on all four blogs, because that is just how advanced and cool technology has become.

Our weather has turned foul, as the day progressed so did the temperature - lower and lower until it started to rain about an hour ago. Mark wanted to go to the Rand Show, but every year that we go we complain about how overrated it is. A good thing we did not go, because it is rather chilly. It always rains at the Rand Show, but it is normally hot during the day and then we have late afternoon April Showers that are over in a flash and then it gets chilly at night, but today the whole day the weather has been unpleasant.

I have not been completely technology stressfree. Our Telkom ADSL line is finally working, a technician came out last Saturday morning, whilst I was still asleep, to sort it out. Luckily Chad was awake, because Mark had gone to the carwash, but he still had to drag me out of bed, because "I am the only one who knows what is going on". We haven't quite solved the Telkom package dispute as yet, but it is working and I have lost the will to fight for a 200 meg sim card that comes with the package, which they have not delivered. I will pursue that again when I have built up some energy reserves. 

Our server has however, decided to block any emails from wordpress and blogger and any other subscription/feedburner service as spam. Strangely emails informing us of the millions we have inherited come through but not genuine emails that I have signed up for, so I have missed a few posts and comments I subscribe to. In all honesty our hosting company is pretty good about blocking spam and only a couple come through a month, unlike our previous hosting company where hundreds came through everyday. My blog is hosted by the same company as our business domain and for about the last 6 or 7 months, my "test" emails from my blog to my work email address have been blocked. I have to go onto the server to release them and now the same is happening with my blog domain. My test email is where I find all my typos and grammatical errors in my posts that have slipped through the cracks of my proof reading - and I proof read more than twice before publishing posts and mistakes still slip through. My brain is totally fried. The other day I was typing an email and luckily as I was about to press send, I saw that I had typed enjoy your quick instead of week - like WTH??? On that same day I sent Mark a whatsapp message (too lazy to walk down the stairs) "It looks like hail shouldn't you pull the cheap in?"  That one was sent before I realised that I typed cheap instead of jeep - and the jeep was not even cheap :). I decided on Friday Thursday that I need some vitamins, maybe fish oil will do the trick. Incase your brain is not as fried as mine and you just want a recap of what you have forgotten since leaving school many years ago (which I need a major refresher course on as well) I found this practical grammatical guide on Sammy's Link Up

Well I am now armed with lots of Vitamins, lets hope they work, in the meantime excuse the errors, both typos and fried brain type. I was assisted by the sweetest cashier at Clicks on Thursday, I was pretty stumped and let Clicks know via Twitter that they have a star cashier working for them. When she rang up the Kit Kat Easter Eggs I bought, she said that I should have come the day before, because they were on special - buy three and get one free - I missed that one. Then she told me the Vital Vitamins were also on special, buy three get one free. I had two - Omega 3 & 6 and Women. She told me to go quickly and get a third one. I was contemplating getting the Hair Skin and Nails, because my nails just won't grow and are splitting and peeling, but I thought the other two should do the trick. Thanks to Alexandra I got the Hair Nails and Skin for free. Then as I was about to give her the money, she said wait and gave me back my money and off she ran and came back with another Clicks Hand Wash refill. I had two and they were also buy three get one free. She went way beyond what any cashier would do, considering she does not get commision on sales and if I was not observant enough to see the specials no other cashier would have done that. I just wish Vital would go back to their cardboard packaging, because opening the current packaging does more damage to my nails than the benefits of the supplements.

Reading Sula's post about Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre made me think of the knee jerk reaction people always have about animals in captivity, yet forget the good that Animal Rehabilitation Centre's do. Much like the Save the Sea protesters who protest against Dolphins and other sea creatures in captivity and say they belong in the ocean and not in a pool at Sea World. Honestly would Gambit from Ushaka Marine World  have reached the ripe old age of 45 if he was free in the ocean. Would he have lived that long if living in captivity was bad for him (I could be wrong about his age, but it is 45 or older). Sea world and aquariums teach us to respect the Ocean and the creatures in the ocean, so yes Gambit and the other creature in aquariums took one for the team, but where would they be today if left "free" in the ocean. These photos below are of when Chad and I went there is 2010. They certainly don't seem "abused".

The other night the advert for 67 Blankets came on and Chad commented on how fast the woman "knits" I said it is crochet not knit and he said I must ask Waddy (family name for granny) to knit him a blanket, because I can't knit. I think he was just joking, just so he can be his usual self and take the mickey out of me, but I told him that I doubt Waddy still knits, not in the North Coast heat anyway. Whenever I see someone knit or crochet it makes me want to knit/crochet as well. If you are into crafts and making things have a look at Nicky's easy Macrame plant holder. I might just try it out one day.

Well I don't have many blog link ups, but this post turned out MUCH longer than I planned. Thanks for reading and enjoy what is left of the long weekend.

Now to get this proof read and posted then to watch a movie.

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