Monday, 18 May 2015

And Chad Is 18.............

So Chad turned 18 with as little celebration as possible. We took him out for shooters supper on his birthday. He had the waiter lining up the shooters and before our food arrived he was already quite tipsy. Chad does not drink, but wanted to get drunk on his 18th birthday and he did. We had the coolest waiter who also organised ice cream and the waiters singing happy birthday to him. We went to the Cattle Barron for dinner.

He went down the menu ordering shooter after shooter....

He had plans to go out all weekend with his friends, celebrating being 18, but then changed his mind, because he has to do his driver's licence test tomorrow morning (Monday). Preparing for his driver's licence was far more important and he needs his wits about him on Monday as his booking is for 9 am. I have had sleepless nights the whole week, because if he fails he is going to be devastated.

Having a fancy car and being chauffeur driven by your dad is no fun and other than being able to buy a lotto ticket and ordering shooters in a restaurant, turning 18 has felt no different to turning 17 or 16.

He has already planned on who is getting a lift to and from school on Tuesday and I am holding my breathe until I hear whether he has passed or not - this has been more stressful than when he went for his learners.

I can't even focus on typing up this blog post that is how stressed I am about tomorrow, never mind the stress of him then being able to drive around everywhere on his own. Mark told me the other day I stress too much - I know I do. Fortunately, Chad's car has tracker in it and I can log on at any time and see where he is and how fast he has driven. Chad does not err on the side of caution and he has his dad's DNA hurtling through his veins so he is not happy about being tracked by me or tracker.

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