Monday, 4 May 2015

Bathroom Diaries - Days Eighteen To Twenty One

You know that feeling when you are on holiday, be it 5 star or not and you just feel that you have had enough and you want to go home to your own bed and bath. You have forgotten your favourite hair product at home and you can't buy it from a store nearby. You left your brush at home and forgot your makeup bag somewhere and you are not sure where. You just want your own imperfect bathroom and comfy pillows. Well I am feeling like that right now. The new bathroom is looking fantastic, but I am enough now it has gone on too long now. This is what my bedroom has looked like the whole weekend and I cannot find ANYTHING.

Days 18 to 21 would be Thursday to today Sunday and nothing seems to be progressing. I think Owner Plumber underestimated the time it would take and may have under quoted seeing that the tiler has worked every weekend and must get some sort of overtime or maybe he is a subcontractor and gets paid per job, which would explain why he is here on Workers Day and the whole weekend. The irony of Workers Day - workers work and bosses relax.

There was no progress on Thursday and at some point I recall Owner Plumber saying that the bath etc would be fitted on Friday, I didn't think that was possible, and it wasn't possible and then I recall hearing it would be fitted today Sunday - that was on Friday - didn't happen. There is nothing wrong with Owner Plumber per say and he is a nice person and I don't begrudge him a midmorning Pizza, except he wasn't even eating Pizza when we saw him - the Pizza shop is between our house and his house, he was just there chatting. He must have felt guilty, because he told Mark he gets work from there. Mark didn't even say anything to him about it, he just randomly mentioned it and strangely on the day I saw him relaxing there. The shopping centre has a useless Spar, the Pizza Shop and a couple of nondescript stores, who don't even get business there themselves, so I find it highly likely he does. Anyway he is not a bad guy, but I am certain he decided that as soon as he qualified as a Plumber, he was opening his own business and never working again. Today the tiler's assistant was off sick, probably sick of working every weekend, so Owner Plumber stayed to help the tiler. He did nothing - nada nothing and it was more awkward than anything else.

The tiling is finished in our bathroom, but an electrician has to come and change the lights and someone is coming to put in a ceiling - Owner Plumber's friend. They still tiled right to the roof, which I think is a waste, seeing that a ceiling is going to be fitted.

I was really furious because they fixed the cracked tiles in the first bathroom today and as if it is not bad enough that the whole house is covered in a thick layer of dust. no one told me they were in the first bathroom and all our toothbrushes and everything else was left in the bathroom whilst the tiler bashed down the cracked tiles.

Today they worked until about 3.30 so we had a bit of a break, but they are nowhere near finished and Mark rushed off to collect the bath this morning, now it is out in the carport - hopefully safe from being damaged.

Just after they left Chad went up the passage and noticed a rainbow just outside the bathroom door - how cool is that. Is it a sign that there are rainbows at the end of this hellish storm.


Good night.........

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