Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Happy 18th Birthday Chad

Wow 18 years old today Chad, where has time gone. Some days it seems like a lifetime ago, other days it seems like yesterday, either way it is crazy to think that you are 18. So where did time go - here is a small montage of your young life. On the 12 May 1997 at 11h40 you made your grand appearance, feisty and screaming. You were supposed to be a girl according to the doctor and his fancy scanning equipment, as fancy as what equipment was 18 years ago. The fact that you were a boy and not a girl was met with much excitement and happiness. Clint told everyone he was so happy and excited when he heard that he had a baby brother that he couldn't yawn. I am not too sure what he meant by that he could not yawn, I don't think he knew either, but I would guess he was so overwhelmed with excitement that he battled to breathe.

You were the sweetest happiest baby ever. You were always laughing and smiling and hardly ever cried. You loved your sleep even then and the doctor told me that I had to wake you up every 3 hours and feed you day and night, because you had jaundice. We thought it was the jaundice that made you sleepy, we didn't know that it was just you that loved to sleep and once asleep so difficult to wake up. You were having none of bathing in a baby bath and had to be in the big bath just like Clint. Everything Clint did you wanted to do.


You were always in amongst the big kids, determined to keep up with them and do whatever they could do. There was no babying you and you were far happier roughing it with the big kids than being mollycoddled with the babies.

You were always running - you didn't start walking, you started running. I remember buying a strap to tie around your wrist, because you always ran away from us in shopping centres and whilst I was putting it on your wrist, an old lady said gee I wish they made those when my children were small and next thing you were running off, the strap dangling in my hand.

You said the funniest things, like "My dad is not a birthday cake" when we were on holiday (in this photo below) and his ears were blocked and we put ear candles in his ears to try and unblock them.

Look at that mischievous face - that was you always laughing and looking for something naughty to do.

Remember when you used to take the TV remote with to the shops (and lost a few remotes) because you did not want anyone to change the channel whilst you were at the shops. You were TV mad and still are. The only time you ate all your food was when we plonked you in front of Mr Bean reruns and you sat in front of the TV not saying a word just spooning food into your mouth.

You loved clothes even when you were younger and any man who wore a suit was a lawyer, because he was wearing lawyer clothes.

Remember when we used to spell out things so you did not know what we were talking about and you decided to try it out too and said "Dad you don't know what we bought you for your birthday we bought you a "B - R - I" and he said ha you bought me a braai and you got so angry and asked how he knew it was a braai.

Its hard to believe that you started grade one just the other day and now you are in Matric - so much happened in between. You have a ton of cheek and sarcasm, but we have been so fortunate in you not being a typical teenager, out in the streets drinking and smoking and taking drugs.

Now that Barney, Power Rangers and Bob The Builder are all long gone and packed away and now I have to rely on Licence photos of you as you shy away from my camera and no longer pose for photos, you have loads of the new and exciting adventures to look forward to.

Wishing you many many happy more years and many safe miles now and in the future.

Happy Birthday Boy

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