Monday, 4 May 2015

Join Me For Sunday Whine If You Dare

No that isn't one of my usual brainless mistakes in the header and I do know how to spell wine, but that is not the wine I am inviting daring you to have with me. Maybe if I partook in some wine from time to time, I would need less of this whine. Sundays on the blog have become what some may call Life Lately posts, but for me it is reflecting on the past week and journaling our boring bits, in the hope of not overlooking our holidays like I have become famous for. Yes there is that weekend away exactly a year ago to Blyde Canyon (yes we were there) that never made it here and my half baked attempt at Travel Diaries to Paternoster. After all that is why I blog, but you may find it a tad boring even if you are like me and find people watching a fascinating new sport and you are only reading this because of your people observing fascination. Well the good thing is that I am consistently inconsistent so this may not even last, but as always I do appreciate you coming here to read and of course comment.

On the subject of people watching, I had a real laugh out loud moment innocently eavesdropping on a strangers conversation yesterday. I have had three real laugh out loud moments in the past couple of weeks, where I have been on my own and no one nearby or part of the funny moment. This is something very rare for me when my every existence revolves around grieving for Clint, so if Mark and Chad, especially Chad, are not around to distract me from my grief, then laughter is very very far off. By laugh out loud, I don't mean the LOL of Social Media and it also doesn't mean I am healing or moving on from Clint's death.  The first was when I read this post on Fat Mum Slim about people being nosey and Chantelle the blog author saying her husband reminded her of how nosey she is that she was nodding along to strangers conversation. I had to stifle my laughter, because Mark was fast asleep next to me, but I think I found it so funny, because Mark is the worst at listening in on conversations and people watching. He is worse than an old nosey woman, but he also has an elaborate imagination and his imagination runs away as he makes up this whole story about complete strangers - he gets more involved in their conversations {in his mind} than in the conversations he should be involved with. The second really funny moment has nothing to do with people watching, but I have to mention it, because it is just so funny. I downloaded this app that was recommended for my phone - Perfect365. It is a Makeover app. I didn't know this at the time, but you take a photo and do a digital makeover - not enhancing or brightening images - changing your whole face. You change your hair colour, make your eyelashes longer, put lipstick on. It is so hilarious and I can't believe that it is a serious app. I don't do selfies, but was messing around with it when I was alone at home the other night and when the end result was revealed I almost wet myself laughing. When Mark came home I found a photo of him on my phone and gave him long curly blonde hair, eyeshadow, lipstick the works and he almost wet himself with laughter too when I sent it to him with the caption "Don't believe everything you see online." Yes I am still loving my new phone, not only for the crazy apps, but the camera is also amazing, although the alarm never went off on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I have it figured now. Luckily Mark woke up, because I fell into a deep sleep after Garfield and Piggy woke me up at around 4.

Yesterday I went to Westpack Lifestyle early, like before 9 am and that IS very early for me - thanks to the renovators working on the Weekend, Friday was a holiday and I spent the whole day in Clint's room in my pajamas, because they arrived before I had a shower and dressed, so Saturday, thanks to Garfield and Piggy I was up at 6. I went to Westpack to buy plastic containers, because the plan was to organise my drawers today, because I can't find ANYTHING and I also bought felt to cover the bottom of my bathroom scale, because I thought it was the cause of one of the new tiles being scratched, but it wasn't the scale. I am walking up and down the plastic's section and there is this young girl, 12 or 13 - I am so bad with ages with her dad and they are buying containers and another man walks past smiling and then I overhear this little girl and her dad talking. He is suggesting containers and she is saying yes, no, I don't know then she says OK, but I think it will pop. I am thinking to myself, why would that container pop as I stare at all the containers looking for a suitable container. I also wanted one to pack away some of Clint's bikes and other stuff. Dad and daughter banter on and then dad asks my question " OK, but I am not sure what you mean by it might pop" her reply "Well like I can see it on the counter and get mad and knock it flying" It doesn't seem remotely funny typing it, but it was one of those things that you have to experience first hand to find funny. It was just so random and I can imagine the dad racking his brain {just like I was} and then you get this random answer and she did not even appear to be a brat. She was a pretty little girl, but sort of tomboyish and the answer came out politely and sweetly and SO funny. People watching and eavesdropping on random conversations - such fun!!!.

These are the containers I settled on and hopefully organising my makeup drawers is going to make my mornings less stressful and unorganised, although they are still lying in Clint's room untouched because of ... bathroom nightmares. It is back to school tomorrow, the midterm break is over and Chad did not get to book his driver's licence, because he has to be 18. It is not for lack of trying, because someone always knows someone and he arranged to go speak to somebody else who has a driving school and in the process saw his birthday present and this year his birthday was supposed to be the best birthday he has had in years and now it is ruined. It is in essence my fault, but also both Chad's and Mark's as well. Mark for not reading and replying to my messages and Chad for insisting on doing things he is told not to do. We are all angry and disappointed and another birthday ruined. We had it all planned and 11 days to go and I let it all slip through the cracks.

I have managed to stick to photo a day this whole week without missing a prompt, even through the stress that has been our lives lately. Did I mention that I love my new phone?? Yesterday's prompt was one of those that pushed the boundaries of what I am comfortable with - it was a selfie, but a Faceless Portrait and I was going to can the whole photo a day thing again, but as I was brushing my hair and it was all over my face, an idea popped in my head and this is what became my photo of the day. I absolutely hate having my photo taken or taking selfies, so my experiment with Perfect365 was totally out of character. I suffer from photophobia - yes it is a real thing and I know photophobia is not the morbid fear of having your photo taken, but a real medical condition, but let's pretend it is one of those delightful words in the English language that have two meanings, because there should be a word for fear of having your photo taken. I don't have a good side, bad side or right side, I am just not photogenic and never have been. whether I am thin, fat, young old, I just don't like my photo taken. Mark once took a photo of me from the back (as a joke) and said "you know how at funerals there are always photos of the person that died, well here is one of you - the back of you so everyone can see you leaving, because you won't let us take photos of you" It really bugged Mark when Clint died and the psychologist we initially took Chad to, told us to make a huge collage of photos on a wall and there were no photos of me. He said it was not right, which was totally weird, because Clint dying was not right. Anyway, Chad knows and I have made it very clear, I don't want a funeral when I die and I won't have him stress over arranging a funeral or having to go to a funeral. I learnt a lot from Clint's funeral and there is no way Chad will have to worry about that when I die, so having a photo for the funeral isn't an issue. BUT sometimes I wonder at some of the selfies people post of themselves and what they look like and I wonder why I have such a complex and phobia of photos. Photo a day for many people is more than just taking a random photo of a prompt and it is more than that for me too, as I fight and struggle my way through life and grief.

I am so tired, my eyes are burning I have not been sleeping well and battle to fall asleep at night and then get woken up by both Piggy and Garfield every single morning a half an hour before my alarm goes off during the week and at any time they feel like waking me up on the weekends. Then they pass out somewhere for the day and I must face the world tired and sleep deprived. I am not sure who sets who off or if they both just decided I should get up when they say so, but it is just the two of them, not Jingles and Spike. If they needed to go outside it would be slightly OK, but that is not the reason. Some mornings Mark wakes up and calls Piggy and calls to let her out (like that doesn't wake me up) and she is next to me grunting and barking and all like "mamma I be like watching you - wake up" and she refuses to go outside with Mark. She is such a stubborn dog. I can't even get angry with her, because she is so cute and she only likes me in the mornings. We have this morning routine - biscuits for her and coffee for me and once my early morning routine is over - she is off to sleep and I am off to shower. I can't get angry with Garfield either, because she is getting old and I think she gets a bit confused and thinks we have gone away and she calls and calls to look for us. So sleep deprived I am.

Well that was our week stuck at home with workers all over the place - not a fun long weekend.

Did you do anything over the long weekend. Have you tried any crazy apps or even Perfect365 for those "perfect" just woken up photos.

Well hope you had a great weekend and wishing you and even better week ahead - thanks for reading...

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