Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Power Of The Mind

Sometime ago - a long time ago, if I really give it some thought, like around 2012, Mark won a Bosch Coffee Machine. It was a business lucky draw. We never opened it, because for one I have one at home I hardly use and I am the only one who drinks coffee, so Instant is easier and quicker. This whole time the coffee machine has been moved from Pillar to Post and as often as it has been moved around, Mark has wanted to give it away to every second person he sees. I didn't want to give it away, because I was going to use it eventually - at work and of course there was that time that we were buying a small farm and I would need a second machine. The farm did not work out and the Coffee Machine was dumped at home, still in the box when we moved work premises the first time.

The other day, I was sitting in my office and I had this sudden and strong craving for coffee. I was tired and just needed coffee. I still hadn't brought a kettle and cups to work when we moved here in January. It was Summer and hot and I didn't really need coffee at work. So here I am craving coffee when I thought about the coffee machine dumped at home and how nice it would be to have a coffee station in my office upstairs.  That evening I found the coffee machine, washed it, took out mugs and spoons etc, bought coffee the next day and set up my coffee machine in my office. Mark had a cup of coffee and said "This coffee is awesome and we wanted to give this machine away" "No I didn't want to you wanted to". Never the less, I have coffee on tap in my office and  it staves off not only my hunger pangs, but also my boredom - paperwork and figures, so not me anymore. Mark who never ever drank coffee until about 4 years ago and then only when it was very cold, comes up and has coffee a couple of times a day.

Every single time I walk up or down the stairs to either wash the jug, cups etc or to bring them upstairs and bring the water upstairs I say to myself and sometimes to Mark that one day I am going to fall down these stairs with cups in my hand. I don't know if it is the stairs or my clumsy self or my back pain that radiates into my leg, but I have almost tripped down the stairs a couple of times. I carry the water for the machine in the glass jug - it is easier. Without fail when I walk up the stairs I imagine falling down the stairs and breaking the jug. I have had the coffee machine here for two and a half weeks, it has been in a box for two and a half years. Yesterday morning, the last step going up, I missed, hit my shin on the edge of the step and smashed the jug down onto the floor - water and glass everywhere.

Needless to say, as much as Mark tried to hide it and pretend he was more concerned about me than not having his newfound best beverage anymore, you could see in his face, the coffee was a priority. He looked like a kid who had his lollipop snatched out of his mouth. I called Bosch South Africa to see where I could get a jug from - my nightmare of a day started before 9am and my day just got progressively worse. I went off coffee for a long time after giving up smoking, but now drink it more than ever. There was the coffee right there, but way out of reach and I had to deal with the staff at Bosch parts that had no interest in even answering the phone let alone listening to my problem. My shin was aching, my back and chest was aching and I could smell coffee, but not drink it and I was tired.

Well turns out that Bosch does not make replacement glass jugs - I mean it is glass for heaven's sake, I doubt that I am the only one who breaks jugs - you don't have to fall to break a jug. What is worse - Bosch's innovative technology does not allow you to use any other jug. Mark had to go home to check on the builders and I asked him to bring the jug from my machine at home - its only a jug. The water fills up in the filter holder and doesn't drip through, because it has a built in drip guard and stops flowing if the lid is not there. I did manage to hold the lid right under the drip guard yesterday, after discovering that the filter was overflowing. It worked yesterday- it didn't work this morning. The filter was overflowing and messed everywhere.

Turns out that we can get a glass jug that will work for R298.00 or a new machine for R399.00. The Regional Sales Manager has been great in resolving the matter that his staff where not interested in, but to think a glass jug costs R100.00 less than the rest of the machine with all it's innovative technology that prevents another jug from being used. Two weeks use from a free gift now costs R298.00 or throw it away.

The moral of the story - repeatedly telling yourself you are going to fall down the stairs will result in you falling up the stairs.

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