Thursday, 11 June 2015

Blogger Sabbatical - AWOL From Life

Okay you got me there, my blog is not a professional blog and neither am I a professional, so not really a Sabbatical from blogging, but definitely AWOL from life. Thank you for the concern from those that sent messages and emails to see if I am OK. My battery went flat one Saturday and I had no energy to recharge it - oh and my phone battery also went flat and I never charged it and just left it flat for a week. I took a break from life for a week and a break from my phone and online life as well. I spent a week at home and recharged my battery (internal) and it took me a bit longer to charge my phone battery. We eventually decided that before people start thinking that Mark had murdered me and buried me in a shallow grave at the bottom of the garden [he was telling whoever asked that I will probably switch my phone on/be back at work tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday I am sure Monday], I should switch on my phone and reply to messages. Chad said I should take a photo holding the newspaper with that day's date so they knew it was really me on my phone and not Mark pretending it was me :D.

Well the break was good and we decided I realised that waking up at 4.45 every morning was not only ridiculous but also pathetic and stupid and Mark decided that it is not necessary for me to start work until 8.30 or 9 and leave at 3 or 4. I no longer fetch Chad from school and drive him up and down to gym which took about 3 hours a day, so instead of going back to work at 3 or 4 and leaving at 5.30, I leave at 4. Last night we were joking about how I must miss disappearing everyday for hours and Mark said you know you only have to get to work at 9, I replied that I got to work at 9.15, [that day] to which he replied "Gee was it so late" So today I got to work at 10 - he noticed, then half an hour later went shopping.

Then there has been the matter of Chad passing his driver's licence, which made going AWOL for a week so much easier. The other day I said to Mark - "hey we have a son did you know that, because I forgot". I didn't really forget, but it is crazy not having to drive him around. He even gets up before me in the mornings - he leaves at 6.30 to avoid traffic. All those years of me nagging to get him out of bed so that I did not sit in traffic - all forgotten. Leaving at 6.30 is a bit early, but he does. He picks up a friend on the way - who is also cool with leaving so early. I have no idea of what is going on in his life. The other day I thought I should make him his chicken rice and veg for school, so rushed off to buy the stuff and cook for him, never mind that he is 18, does cooking at school and has a car and driver's licence and loads of time to drive to the shops to buy the stuff. I digress - so I cook his food like a loving mom does and he says "Mom you do know that I am not going to school tomorrow" "No I don't, why aren't you?" It does make sense that he arranged with the exhaust place to take his car in for a freeflow something exhaust the next day. Mark is telling the exhaust guy that he will be at school in the morning and telling me that Chad isn't going to school the next day - much confusion. It turns out exams where starting and it was study leave. How would I know - my brain only barely absorbs the ridiculously boring  informative newsletters from school. I miss our chats in the car when I fetched him from school and drove him around. Put a surly grumpy teenager  loving son and an equally surly and grumpy  loving mom in the car and we have no option but to talk about mundane things like school and exams.

I miss those days and now I say Chad where you going and he says I don't know - track me. [He hates that I can track his every last movement and speed and braking]. The first few days I tracked every minute of his day and he was in big trouble for speeding. Like I said before he has his dad's DNA coursing  speeding through his veins and it was not 100 in a 80 zone, it was an unmentionable speed. He received his first and final warning from Mark with a do what I say and not what I do threat. Tracking him became too stressful, because it records harsh braking and apparently if you just touch the brakes it comes up as harsh braking - according to the giver of speeding DNA. I would see harsh braking and then nothing and then think it is a crash. Now I do random checks. More of his driving and car in another blog, except he drove us to dinner the Saturday before last and to Parkers Comedy Club at Silver Star Casino this past Saturday and the confidence from learner to driver is astonishing. My son has, I must say, become the Shooter King, but the good thing is that it is only when he is with us and keys get given to Mark as we arrive. Mark no longer drinks so is the automatic designated driver. He has one and it's enough.

Chad and His Shooter Menu

It was the first time we have ever been to Parkers and it was awesome. I think Chad was looking forward to going to Parkers when he turned 18, as much as getting his licence [Not as much, but a close second]. He loves almost all the Comedians, but all the ones he loves are no under 18's, which is why in my opinion, as much as I love most of the South African Comedians, Barry Hilton and Trevor Noah are the best, because they are funny without all the cursing and swearing. The line up was great though.

Our bathrooms are a work in progress, but we are using them and the old ugly ones are long forgotten. We need to put in a sliding mirror door, because ours is so small [our bathroom that is], but we had to paint our room first. Business is very quiet at the moment, plus we went way over budget on the bathrooms so we are slowly filling up the financial coffers before we carry on.

A Glimpse At My New Bath

Winter hit hard and I am struggling to eat healthy foods and we have been having curries and rice and roti and stodge and I have been battling to resist. During my MIA week, I hardly ate and Mark went on about how much weight I had lost and even made more holes in my one belt. So basking in the glow of compliments and perceived skinniness I went to buy new jeans today and boy, there is nothing like a clothing store's fitting rooms to hit you in the chubby cheeks, giving you a wake up call to reality, slapping your fat wobbly rolls with the truth. I am sure they would sell more clothes if they put fewer mirrors in the cubicles and took away the harsh lights. I don't know how I will manage this Winter eating less stodge, but I have to and I have to exercise. When you are young your weight can yoyo without exercise (well I could), but not as you get older. [PS I am not even almost thin let alone skinny].

The other reason why I have not blogged is because we have decided to be more "in the present" than online. My laptop is so slow that one post can take the whole day - this has taken about two hours [add another hour today {Thursday} editing and adding photos]. I desperately need a new laptop. My keyboard is bare except for QWZX and some days I type an O instead of an I 100 x before getting it right and sometimes I don't get it right. I have also read blogs sporadically, because my email notifications from bloggers no longer work. If a post shows up on my phone on Google Cards I get to read blogs, otherwise I have missed so much.

We are going away for the weekend - and I am stressing because the booking agency has not gotten back to me to confirm receipt of payment and collection of keys and has not answered my calls or emails. We have used her twice before, but who knows with these small coastal town people. Sorry no offence if you are from a small coastal town, but we have been burnt badly in the past [in that very town]. Why does everything have to be so stressful.

Way past my bedtime - look at Garfield, found a new bed, my lovely white hand towels and before that my handbag.

Garfield Sleeping on My Hand Towels
Garfield In My Handbag

Excuse all the errors I am NOT going back to check for the millions of mistakes.
I felt like I should have a thick red marker and go all teacher cray cray on all the typos; grammatical errors and plain and simple dumb errors - most fixed now {Thursday}

Ok no photos, because my computer has frozen - and I can't wait an hour to sort it out, Who knows this might not even publish.
Uploaded a couple of unedited photos now {Thursday}

Good night

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