Friday, 31 July 2015

Breakfast Smoothie

I started juicing again about 3 weeks ago, I started with Spinach juices in the mornings on the Monday and the plan was to detox from the Thursday. Cutting caffeine and only drinking juice takes its toll on the body for the first couple of days and going to work whilst detoxing is torturous. Well, the universe was having none of it and my Smoothie maker broke. It broke in December as well when I went on a detox before going away. It is a Kenwood Smoothie maker and it is a really silly design. This little plastic piece on the Jug connects with the motor to make it work. This thin little piece of plastic broke off and the Smoothie Maker was no more. I managed to get it to work in December with a match and duct tape then bought super glue and it worked until now. It broke again. In December, I was determined to detox, it was hot, I was really feeling very ill and bloated and really overweight. My clothes were tight and cutting into me. I was also working from home - a big bonus and I was determined to detox. This time around it broke in Winter, I am still overweight, but most of my clothes are loose. It is cold and there are days that I feel bloated, but not ill with bloat and toxins, so when my Smoothie Maker broke this time I wasn't that fussed. Kenwood discontinued the design, so it was either glue it again or buy a new one or stop juicing.

We bought a new one - what do you know the basic design is the same as the discontinued one. It also connects with the same thin piece of plastic. The new one is black and the old one beige - you can see the old one over here. I am hoping that this one won't break as well, there is a slight difference as the old one was a very tight fit and you had to force it in, this one is loose and the plastic piece does not have to get forced into the groove in the motor unit. Kenwood is a good make and I love my Kenwood mixer, the Kenwood Smoothie maker is also better than other ones, pity about the design. I really battled to get back into Spinach juices, especially after reading the recipes in the Smoothie manual - all with ice cream. I wasn't going to go the ice cream route - I have not had ice cream since December and that is a major achievement for me, but ice cream makes me feel really ill. I also realised that until last month I had no yoghurt this whole year. Last month I had about three small Woolworths yoghurts. There is so much hype around what is healthy and what isn't these days, but as far as I am concerned, we should eat yoghurt for the probiotics. So I decided to swap the juices for proper yoghurt smoothies and have now made the best smoothie ever. Even with Breakfast seed - a mix of flax seed; pumpkin seed, sesame seed and sunflower seed. I hate seeds of any kind - who wants to eat bird seed anyway and I don't eat it on rolls either, but added it to my Green Juices, for the health benefits, but gross really. In the Smoothie, you can't even taste it.

Breakfast Smoothie

  • Half A Cup Ayrshire Yoghurt (125 ml)
  • 4 to 5 Strawberries (depending on Size)
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Apple
  • 3 Teaspoons Breakfast Mix
Cut the Apple and banana into small pieces (about size of strawberries)
Put everything into the Smoothie Maker
Mix on low for 30 Seconds
Then on high for 60 seconds
Pulse for 10 seconds twice - Makes it the perfect thickness of thick drinking yoghurt.
Dispense into a glass and enjoy.

I prefer Ayrshire Yogurt, but Woolworths didn't have any yesterday so I used Organic Low Fat Plain Yoghurt. It is slightly thinner and makes a thinner drinking yoghurt. 

I'll tackle a real juice detox, which I really need when it warms up a bit...

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