Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Nivea Energy Eye Roll-On

I use Nivea products on my face and have been using them for quite a few years. They may be supermarket products and affordable, but I like them and they work for me. I have mentioned in my Makeup Monday posts that no product no matter how expensive will wipe away the ravages of life; grief and sun damage. I use the Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle eye cream but have been quite lax about using it. Ever since our house was turned upside down during our bathroom renovations, I have been lazy about face care. I use everything else except the eye cream because I can never find it. The other day I needed night cream and I saw Nivea has a new eye cream - an energy eye roll on. It reduces wrinkles; puffiness and signs of fatigue. It has a silver ball that you roll on under your eyes and the cold from the ball does feel so good on tired eyes in the morning. I used to use a Garnier eye roll on and not sure why I stopped buying it.

Well, I love the Nivea Energy Eye Roll On , my eyes feel less tight and fatigued and that cool feeling feels so good when I am tired. Except for the past week, my eyes have been watering so badly. They don't burn they just pour which gives me a runny nose and it looks like I am crying or have a cold. I used to use Justine products and the tinted moisturiser did the same thing to my eyes. The strangest thing is that it does not happen straight away, sometimes almost immediately after I have done my makeup or an hour later and lasts for 4 or 5 hours - annoying is not the word - frustrating!!! I can't even say if it is from the Nivea Eye Energy Roll-On. Update - the watery eyes is from Garnier BB cream I have since discovered and NOT Nivea Eye Roll On. I make sure that I only do it on my eye bone and not near my actual eye and this morning I waited awhile before putting on makeup - it was fine until I arrived at work and my eyes just streamed and streamed. My throat even felt constricted, but that could have been a kind of panic attack.

I really don't want it to be the Nivea because it makes my eyes feel so good. I was whining and complaining to Mark {not that he listens,} but he did say it must be the Nivea, because what else could it be. I ran a mental list of the changes this past week. It can't be work because it happened at home over the weekend. I bought a new foundation, same make, Revlon, but different shade because they did not have the shade I usually use - could it be that. I once had an eyeshadow palette with about 20 shades and one shade affected my eyes. I started drinking Green Tea from around the same time. Woolworths Organic Green tea - could it be that??? The side effects of Green Tea seem to outweigh the benefits of it - well that is according to my doctor {cough WebMD cough}. It is the first time I have bought the Woolworths Organic tea, I usually drink Freshpak Green Tea. I have also been putting Chamomile tea bags on my eyes in the mornings before I get out of bed. OK, Ok, my eyes have been looking really bad lately. The other day, actually the day I bought the Nivea Energy Eye Roll On, I was so tired, slept badly and it looked like someone had mistaken my face for a piece of leather and carved patterns in it with a Hilti knife. I have been trying everything to look less ragged in the mornings, but boy do I now look a sight with streaming eyes and red nose. The effects of vanity!!!

I am now going to stop everything and reintroduce one at a time to see what is causing my non-stop streaming eyes - that is if it is any of the above. I would be interested to know if it has affected anyone else or if it could possibly be a side effect of Green Tea.

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