Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Dumbest Invention Ever

You know when something small and insignificant stresses you out to such a point that even major stresses are pushed aside, because of this all-consuming annoyance.  Well, I have one of these things going on and it is getting to the point of me really losing it. I don't wash dishes at home unless I am cooking or baking up a storm on weekends, which hardly happens, if it can't go in the dishwasher it doesn't get washed used and during the week Sheila does the dishes that don't go in the dishwasher. However, I wash dishes at work every day and when we go away like we did recently and stay in self-catering. I don't wash a houseful seven-course meal bunch of dishes, max 6 cups and spoons, so why am I ready to freak out and pop an aneurysm every single day.

The Aneurysm Popping Causing Culprit

What retard designs/invents a plug with holes in it and better yet, what retard {ahem landlord} intentionally chooses a plug system with holes in it. I am not even apologising for calling someone a retard - it is what it is. We had the exact same plug when we went to Salt Rock and it was hit and miss when we did dishes. If you are lucky you manage to get the plug lined up somehow {do not ask me how it hardly happens} and then the water stays in the sink or it runs out very slowly and you manage to get the dishes washed. Washing dishes should not and is not rocket science - you should not have to spend hours figuring out how to fill a sink with water.

We don't have a working geyser at work so when washing dishes I boil a kettle to get hot water. Mark was going to connect the geyser, but we have pay as you go electricity and I said it will be such a waste of electricity. I know boiling a kettle to get hot water for the dishes is flying in the face of saving electricity, BUT, connecting the geyser will mean everyone else will run the hot water all day long and waste electricity and water. You know when you don't pay for something - you waste it - the nature of the beast. For me boiling the kettle to wash and then rinse 6 cups that only Mark and I use is not a big deal. What is a big deal is boiling the kettle; filling the sink and before you have even filled the kettle for the next lot of hot water, all the water has run out!

What a waste of electricity, of which if you live in South Africa or know anyone who does, then you know that there is an electricity shortage and more importantly water is a very scarce, but valuable resource, not only in South Africa but even in first world countries that have their s$%t together. Never mind the cost of Sunlight dish liquid pouring straight down the sink. Who would invent or design a plug that causes waste of a valuable resource? The irony of KwaZulu-Natal having a water shortage was not lost on us as we filled the two sinks with water to wash dishes and watched it all run-out when we were in Salt Rock for a weekend away and faced the same problem I face each day.

If this "√§mazing" invention is to stop debris going down the drain - it doesn't work and anyway unblocking drains every six years is better than wasting water. So each day as I boil the kettle; fill the sink; pour dish liquid into the water and watch it all run down the drain, I swear and curse in my head and internalise the rage and hatred for the person who designed such a dumb idea. Even if I had to swear and rant and rage out loud no one would care or even hear me and every time I go to the shops after my rant and rage, I forget to buy a proper plug.

Stupid stupid design and even more stupid to install it. Washing dishes is a pain, having to fiddle around for half an hour playing ""puzzle puzzle" just does not cut it with me and this must be the dumbest invention ever.

Do you know the secret to this dumb invention; do you have a small annoyance that drives you to a near aneurysm; have you come across any dumb inventions that beat this one

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