Wednesday, 5 August 2015

40 Days to ......

On Friday, it was Chad's 40 days - 40 days to what I am not sure. The last 40 days of school. Chad's school does not go crazy for 40 days, our local public high school goes criminally insane for their 40 days. Matric school children turn into thugs and trash the school; the classes; the equipment and terrorise the teachers and other pupils. Well, that is according to the media and rumours and the truth is somewhere in between. Some say it is really bad and others say it is exaggerated. I once drove through the melee years ago before it was even considered out of hand. It was a frightening experience as their madness and celebrations tumbled out of the school grounds into the streets in the surrounding neighbourhood - right by Chad's nursery school.

My Cool Kid

Chad did not go to his 40 days - he boycotted in solidarity with a friend whose prefect badge was taken away unfairly (unfairly according to the kids - not the school). Funny they are not boycotting the Matric Dance that is costing an arm and a few legs. They are quite selective of what they boycott and what they don't. I forgot to add the actual dance tickets and photo that we paid on Thursday last week, plus the fund raising that they do, in The Budgeting and Planning They Don't Tell You About. I think it is pretty admiral but at the same time stupid that they stood up for their little cause, admiral because it is good to stand up for your beliefs but stupid because they missed out on a part of their final stepping stone into what they believe is their freedom. Little do they know there is no freedom once you step into the big bad ugly world. (My breakdown costs of Matric is in no way begrudging - just a fun tongue in cheek way to record his Matric)

Tomorrow is his final Hotel and Catering practical. Chad took Hotel and Catering simply because he thought it was easy and I let him take the easy way out, but he has an 8-hour exam tomorrow - not fun. We were invited to the prelim practical exam on the 25 June 2015, it was less formal than when we went in 2013, you can read about that over here and here - different teacher, it was also in the afternoon and Chad cooked and the last time he was a waiter. The kids put a lot of effort into it and they are so nervous because the parents are there. The food was good especially the dessert, except that Chad had to make a vegetable tower with Brinjal (egg plant) and really who eats Brinjal (besides Mark who said it was good - he ate mine)?? They had a tuna mousse starter and Mark cannot eat tuna, I should have eaten Mark's tuna, because all the kids know Mark didn't eat it and thought it was because it was horrible and Chad didn't bother  (didn't care) to say he can't eat tuna.


Table Setting

I secretly took photos of the table setting - other parents weren't taking photos and I could not be THAT mother who takes photos of table settings and food. No photos of Chad and he looked so smart in his Chef Jacket. Tomorrow Chad will be a waiter and the teachers are the guests. This time his clothes are all prepared not like in 2013 when I was running around buying clothes on the morning of the exam. I asked what jacket he was wearing and he said no jacket just smart shirt. When I said he will be cold he should wear a black jacket - oh no they were told they had to wear a smart white shirt only. That takes me back to paragraph two - Chad only obliges and conforms to school rules when it suits him and that usually involves dressing up and smart clothes. My crazy kid, who himself, only realised yesterday that he is not a kid anymore but a young adult. I asked for a photo in his waiter clothes but I am not getting one. The picture in this post I stole from Whatsapp - I am going to get blocked if Chad reads this :D

Thank You Card

The last 5 years went by so fast and before I can blink my eyes, exams will be over and Chad will be on his way to his first step into the big bad world - Matric Vac. The joys of growing older and growing up.

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