Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Chad's Big Day

So many of Chad's life events and happy events have been marred by tears; grief and sadness. Sometimes and often times it has been Chad that has made the day miserable - birthdays especially. They have been days filled with anger and tears and sadness and I was not letting his Matric Dance be ruined by any tears; grief and sadness on my part. Chad was looking forward to his Matric Dance with such excitement, more so than his 18th birthday. In fact, the only thing that really mattered when it came to his 18th birthday was that he could get his license and be independent. His Matric farewell was planned with excitement and precision and I was giving him his day. In the end, nothing went according to his list or his partner's list but they both looked so beautiful. I won't lie when I saw them I had a huge lump in my throat and a loud sob escaped my voice when I said hello and told them how beautiful they looked. I asked Chad if I could put photos on my blog and I would respect his decision if he says no and he said I mustn't ask him I must ask J. He knows I won't because my very public blog has to remain anonymous and unknown. Chad doesn't mind me blogging about him as long as no one he knows finds out about it. I told him that I might make a private Pinterest board or permission-based blog post of the photos so that only people I know can see the photos.

I didn't take photos whilst he was getting ready. I left work early to help him get ready and after all his lists and plans after collecting the flowers for their partners, he and his friend ended up playing computer games at the friend's house and then Chad left his flowers behind and had to go back and fetch them. He was fetching J first then fetching T and his girlfriend, so he needed the flowers. He also bought her a pretty silver chain and earrings. In my rush to leave work early, somehow I did not press pay when I did the wages and the more Mark was saying that I never did the wages the angrier I was getting because I knew I did do them. I had to go on the bank to check and I hadn't done them and the time it took to speak to Mark on the phone a hundred times and check the bank took up all my photo taking time whilst Chad was in the shower. I was supposed to Google how to do a bowtie, but that was the easiest part it just clipped like a bra strap. The shirt and cufflinks were the issue. The shirt sleeves had buttons and then another two buttonholes on each sleeve and no buttons. Chad was all dressed and the sleeves looked oddly long and he said it was strange that the sleeves fitted perfectly when he tried them on at his fitting. His pants were a bit loose, but I rushed out in the morning to buy a belt and with a belt the pants were fine. We struggled a bit with the shirt sleeves and then the penny dropped. I was right in being confused about the "missing" buttons and I figured out that the sleeve cuff gets folded over and the cufflinks go through like that. Mark does not wear smart shirts and cufflinks so I had no idea how they worked. Chad then rushed off to collect his young lady and gave me one second to take a photo with the sun shining in my eyes and the photo was a mess. I still had to pay the wages and get ready.

The plan was that instead of getting there at 5.30 his group were arriving at 5.45, because they were doing pre-drinks and photos. Mark arrived home before I even showered and by 5 I was not even dressed and he was bitching and moaning that we would never get there on time - even though we had a long discussion the night before with Chad about getting there at 5.45 instead of 5.30. I was almost done and I heard the traffic report that there was an accident on the main road that we were travelling on - the road from hell that is busy and bumper to bumper at the best of times. I sent Chad a message to say there was an accident on the road. They left at the same time as us but were 7 km's further away. I checked Google Now on my phone and it gave three different ways to get to the venue and Mark went the way that would take the longest. He did not believe that Google Now was accurate and said the way that my phone said was the shortest would be gridlocked because it is a single road and everyone goes home that way and at least we were moving. Ha not for long we were gridlocked and not moving just fighting the whole way there with Mark going on and on about how I could think of leaving at 5.15 when we had to be there at 5.30. If I told him a hundred times that the plan was to get there fashionably late it was not enough.  He goes on like a stuck record and said we were holding up the works - like we are so special they will stop their tight schedule for us. I didn't want to phone or message Chad because he was driving and he would also be stuck in traffic because he was further away when he left. Just then he sent a message and asked if we were there because they were stuck in bad traffic. In the end, we pulled up right behind him and parked next to him. His friend directed him the back way - the way Mark refused to go so it worked out well that we arrived at the same time. I missed my whole photo opportunity of them driving up and getting out the car - nevermind that the two girls sat at the back of the car and T in the front with Chad because he had to give directions. Chad didn't seem to think there was a problem with J sitting in the back. Shame she also did not get to have her nails and makeup done, because when she collected her dress they gave her a dress two sizes too big and they had to drive across town to go and change it. I don't think she had any makeup on, but she is naturally pretty and doesn't need makeup at all.

The other kids in their group arrived 40 minutes after Chad and they went the same way that we did which proved to Mark that my Google Now app was accurate. Some kids only arrived after 7 that night - the kids who came in limo's arrived so late. Chad wanted to go in a limo or party bus, but his group didn't want to and said it was too expensive. So Chad and T went with their partners in Chad's car and the others came with their parents and then they used Uber for the rest of the night. They were very impressed with Uber. It was expensive going from the Matric Dance to the after party and in the end it would have been cheaper splitting the costs in a party bus. T's girlfriend left he phone in the one Uber car and they met the driver somewhere on Saturday morning and she got her phone back - that would never have happened in a meter taxi - not necessarily because the meter taxi drivers are not honest, but how would you ever trace which car you were in and how would the driver trace his passengers.

The after party was a flop as they normally are so they just went to the after party after party, but it was a waste of a Uber trip. Chad sent me a couple of messages to let me know where he was and that he was OK during the course of the night/early morning. I was surprised but so happy that he did and so proud that he did. We dropped his car off at about 9 on Saturday morning and he wasn't hung over at all. J was not going to go to the after party and we were so relieved, she told Chad that her dad said she had to come home after the actual dance and he would be fetching her. We also told her to phone us if her dad or brother didn't fetch her and we would take her home. In the end, she did go to the after party and stayed over at the after party after party and her dad was OK with her staying over. I think maybe she was worried that she would not get on with  the other girls who she did not know - they go to different schools, but she did get on with them and was having too much fun to go home.

Now the fun is over and it is time for exams - prelims start on Monday.

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