Friday, 14 August 2015

Corsage - In or Out - Life Update

I tend to lose sight of the fact that I started my blog as an online personal journey so that I can have a record of our memories and photos - sometimes forgotten - sometimes lost. Most of the time I don't even journal the important times and events and need to focus on that. Well for starters I am very proud of Chad he did his final hospitality practical and their  class did very well and the moderator from the Education Department was very impressed with them. Chad received extra marks for dressing according to the brief. For obvious reasons I cropped out the rest of the group in the photo, but none of them dressed completely according to the brief - not even the girls.

The matric dance is next week, so much excitement, plans and anxiety. Chad went and lost so much weight and his Tuxedo has already been tailored and now it is panic stations as to whether his pants are going to be at his knees or fit like they supposed to. The dress has finally been revealed by the young lady - it was supposed to be a secret and a choice of two. One costing 6.5k and one costing 4.7k - yes you read correctly and yes I had the exact same reaction. The one she has chosen is 4.7k and if her dad does get her that one then she is definitely daddy's little princess and more. It is not even her matric dance and her dad is paying so much for a dress and he is taking the day off work to take her to have her hair; makeup and nails done in Sunninghill, which is about 25 - 30 km's away from where she lives. I saw a picture of the dress and it is stunning. I won't post a picture of the dress here, because a) Chad would not want me to and b) if her dad does not buy that dress any dress no matter how beautiful will be a massive disappointment. To be honest, I don't care what dress she wears as long as she does not let Chad down and decide not to go. Their little relationship is more off again then on again - they are worse than Mark and I. It is off off off on on off off off off on off off. So yea lets hope no fights until after the dance - this is worse  than a wedding. What they never took into account is that August is still freezing cold at night - who knows why the school chose August, because lets face it Winter outfits don't do cocktail and or matric dance dresses justice. The weather warmed up so nicely over the weekend it felt like spring and then on Tuesday morning the weather plummeted to freezing. Chad ever the romantic searched wraps after I pointed it out, but she said she would be ok. He has also been searching corsages but seems they are not in anymore and he is worried she will be the only one with one - his friends aren't buying for their partners. Chad has now ordered a bouquet of flowers for her to say thank you for putting in so much effort for his dance. Chad certainly does not get the no romance gene from his father.

In other news, I survived my detox and did the full seven days. Yesterday morning I was sick so hardly had any soup or juice. I think it was the green tea and I felt really faint and immediately  felt nauseous after I had it. Years ago if I drank herbal teas my blood pressure would drop and I would end up puking. It hasn't happened in a long time, so maybe I just over did it and green tea does lower blood pressure. On the subject of blood pressure, Mark had his checked last week by an insurance nurse and it was very high. He decided to go on a diet and I thought I would climb onto the "cauliflower" replaces everything wagon to replace his rice and pasta. I found a recipe with coriander and he said it was the vilest thing ever. I had it today for lunch with coconut stir fry chicken, my first solid meal in a week and I thought it was very nice with the coconut stir fry. Then he was going to go on an apple and grape diet because he saw it on Facebook - Mark and Facebook - it's not true unless it is on Facebook. I told him that he will never manage even though he does not actually work on cars, he does not sit behind a desk all day and he needs to eat. Well, his diet is over as he is now rummaging through the cupboards looking for food after eating a tiny bit of supper because he was going to pass out on his apple diet. Well, I am hoping I stick to my healthy eating regime after my week of detoxing.

That's all folks...

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