Friday, 21 August 2015

My Rebel With A List

Tomorrow is THE big night, finally. Today Chad came to the conclusion that he just may be OCD. He makes lists and hates it if things do not go according to his lists. Chad has been known to study his exam timetable with great enthusiasm - not his school work but then get to school convinced he is writing English when in fact it is say, Business - true story. He does however like things listed and in order. He has had his whole dance plans listed in sequence down to making sure his car is filled with petrol. As usual the universe decided otherwise and it started with the school saying that they may NOT take the day off today. Chad was furious because most of his plans involved being off today. Needless to say, he did not go to school today even after I received a text (all the parents did) yesterday stating that all students had to be at school. His friend's parents must be horrified that we ignored the instruction and let Chad stay home. I am encouraging his rebellious character - I know that, I rebelled and I know even if I forced him to go to school he would have bunked and I would rather know where he is than think he is at school when he is far from it. He ended up having to collect his friend's suit; collect the money last night and sign for the suit, because his parents made him go to school. I wasn't joking in this post when I said the sitcom 'The Middle" is based on our lives. Chad's report was lying in his car for about two weeks - I got to see it yesterday and it is a standing joke that I don't parent him anymore. Watch The Middle - I am Frankie and Chad is Axel and we have that same relationship as Frankie and Axel and school work and school in general and I are a mix up of all The Middle kids and Frankie.

On a more serious and less "not parenting" note, I think the school is very unfair firstly choosing to have a dance on a Friday night and getting to the venue by 5.30 on a Friday evening on one of the busiest roads in Johannesburg. It is bumper to bumper traffic at the best of times and if there is load-shedding or power cuts (makes no difference what they are called, no electricity is no electricity) it could take more than 2 hours to get the 15 km's down that road. Then to only give the kids one day off to prepare, but next week they are on study leave. They could go to school next week and  all the important work they were supposed to do today, do next week. Chad is mobile and does not need me to drive him around so how do the other parents manage who have to work and get everything done in one day when they only have that one day. We have to go for cocktails and photos for an hour so we have to be there. I spent the morning at work doing my nails. How many people can say to their bosses that they are doing their nails first and will do work later? I did and still screwed up my nails and have to now redo them. I always end up with more on my hands than on my nails so I have to do my nails the day before because it takes that long to get the unsteady mess cleaned up. I should have gone to a salon to have my nails done, but really it is only an hour and I don't have time to sit at salons.

I am pretty worried about Chad rebelling and not going to school today but honestly if they expect parents to take off work on a Friday then they can give extra time off at school or have the dance on a Saturday. The next plan to unravel was the dentist. He had a dentist appointment today and there was no power so that did not happen, but I was angry because they said I didn't make an appointment is he at the right dentist?  I was just so fed up I complained to the dentist, because making the appointment with the receptionist was like pulling hen's teeth and then dealing with her today over the phone I just could not do it. He is going tomorrow at 9 - it is just for a clean and polish so not major.

The plan tomorrow is that he picks up YL (the young lady) who lives half way to the venue then come all the way back to fetch his friend and partner, then go all the way in the opposite direction, past the school to another friend for pre-drinks. I think it is a bad idea with traffic and all. YL will only be ready after 4 and Chad was going to pick her up at 3.30, he is not even drinking so I think he should leave the pre-drinks and give her more time to get ready. We have to take his car home from the venue so guess who went for a driving lesson in his car just now. I cannot just get in a strange car and drive it and my son does not want us rocking up in my Getz, so we are going in the BMW and bringing his car home. His car is easier to drive than the BMW so I am told and I have never driven the BMW. After the dance, they are going to friend's mother's friend's house to change into their after party clothes and to keep the expensive suits and dresses safe.It is close to the venue and then they will Uber to the after party and then back to the pre-drinks house.

We went to fill Chad's car with petrol for my driving lesson and I am so happy that Chad has decided not to get drunk at the dance or the after party. He wants to remember the night and not be remembered for the stupid things he will do if he is drunk. I am really proud of his mature responsible outlook. It is rather stressful for us because he is responsible for YL. It is not her dance and she is younger than the others and we would hate for Chad to get drunk and something happens to her - he has to look out for her. We then have to take his car to him at the after party after party on Saturday morning, where they are sleeping over, whatever is left of the night. They have clothes at that house too and obviously all these parties cost money so that is added to the budget no one warns you about

I don't think I will post any photos on my blog only photos of Chad on his own if there are any of him on his own. I don't believe I have the right to post photos of other kids on my blog and imagine someone recognises her or the dress. Chad would be furious. Even blocking out her face will ruin the picture and the dress will be recognisable. I may post photos and make the post private or permission-based. Just now Chad was reading over my shoulder and I blocked my screen and he said what are you doing that for when you put it on a public platform. True that!!

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