Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Red Wine And African Skies

There is nothing that says Red Wine like the African Bush. I am not a wine drinker at all, but there is nothing more relaxing than watching the African bushveld whilst sipping on a glass of Merlot. After our walk down to the river, we popped into the shop on the reserve. We were not expecting much but needed some sort of spice or herbs or salt for our meat. I also forgot to bring sugar and sweeteners. The shop had the basics but everything we needed we managed to get. We bought sachets of spices and they had quite a variety and we bought sugar and then I saw the red wine - something else I had wanted to buy to take with that I didn't so we bought a bottle of Rose and Merlot and Mark bought some Hunters. The resort also has Spa treatments - they come to your lodge to do the treatments, we didn't book any treatments. They also have free WiFi where you can set up your laptop and work or if you don't have a laptop you can use their computers. There is also a pool table.

We had a little visitor at our table as we were getting ready to go out for a drive.

We went down to the hide to see if we could see any animals. We drove there although you can walk around you are warned that you should walk with caution and never run. Walking around at night time is not allowed. We sat at the hide for ages seeing nothing but wild geese on the other side of the Crocodile river

Then we saw the eyes - lots and lots of eyes peeping out the water as they floated down the river, we were debating about whether they were crocodiles or hippos. They were crocs and massive ones too. The river was teeming with crocodiles. They were either floating in the water or lying on the banks sunning themselves when we suddenly heard a thrashing sound and saw water flashing and a croc disappear - I think a wild goose became croc lunch. He disappeared under the water and we did not see him come up again. It is crazy that people actually cross the crocodile river illegally from Mozambique to come to the land of milk and honey. Never mind that the milk has soured and the honey gone rancid, they still risk their lives crossing a river full of crocs and hippos that you can barely see just under the surface.

I heard sounds that were definitely coming from a Hippo and all I wanted was to see a Hippo, but no such luck. We went for a drive and saw a family of Warthog/Bush Pig at the River Lodge - who can blame them - hiding away from Predators with juicy grass and plants to eat. We also saw a lonely buck and a couple of monkeys and then went out into the reserve. The one negative with the reserve is that there is basically one road that you can drive on to see animals and that is the one road that leads in and out of the resort areas.

We also saw the most beautiful Lilac Breasted Roller... yes we are those people who stop and look at birds whilst others are looking for the Big Five. Birds became a comfort to me after Clint died - well as comforting as anything could be  at a time when nothing was comforting and getting out of bed in the mornings was almost impossible. Feeding the wild birds and just watching their antics got me through many days and that is how my love and fascination for wild birds started. Feeding them was filling a need; an empty space that I needed filling.

We then drove into a herd of Buffalo and there were enough of them. There was a Game Viewing Vehicle that went past us and a Buffalo decided it was not going past and blocked the road - see pic here. We reversed and went on the other road. Imagine a Getz and a Buffalo.

We bumped into our three elephants again - perhaps they were not the same three because the ones we saw in the morning were in the actual Kruger Park and these three were in the Mjejane Reserve.

We then went back to our lodge and started a fire to get our meat cooked early before our game drive at 6.30. I asked Mark how crazy it was that I was not interested in going out to eat and just wanted to make food and sit outside and enjoy it. So unlike me because I hate cooking at the best of times. He could not believe it either. I will not hesitate if there is a chance to get out of cooking and this weekend I just wanted to cook and relax.

Our Game Drive next....

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